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It would be impossible and way too much work for me to cover all the awesome stuff coming out of this year’s Toy Fair. The awesomeness seems to be hearkening back to the good old days of the early 2000s…anyway, instead of trying to list everything, I’m just going to hit the highlights of the stuff I’m excited about. But feel free to use this as the catch-all Toy Fair discussion thread.

Masters of the Universe Classics

Of course we start here. We’ve had hints and suggestions of all the stuff that was revealed, but frankly, I was never really 100% sure we were going to see Tytus or, even more insane, Gy-Gor–who looks much better than I’d imagined he would as a Gorilla Grodd repaint. Anyway, the reveals were:

Wow. Where to start with all this?

Let’s start with Tytus. He looks awesome and even comes with his “people snatcher” or whatever that is. I’m wondering if he’s at least partly rotocast, judging from the lack of bicep swivels. Incidentally, you can check out his bio here. Apparently he built Castle Grayskull. Badass.

Then there’s Gy-Gor. I’ve said I wasn’t totally on board with the re-use of Gorilla Grodd as Gy-Gor, but I have to say that with all that new armor, the new-sculpted head and the weapons, he looks incredibly badass…possibly my favorite of all the new reveals. And let’s stop and think a minute–how insane is it that we’re getting a figure of a prototype figure that was not only never produced, but hardly heard of even by diehard fans? Everyone knows about He-Ro and Eldor (and I’m now much more certain we’ll see Eldor eventually), but Gy-Gor? Even I didn’t know about him until I read the Roger Sweet book. And the great thing about Gy-Gor is I can see a lot of DCUC fans working him into their collection as well…

As for the rest…She-Ra looks great, and I’m glad we’re getting her this year and POP fans don’t have to wait too long after Adora. Count Marzo’s cool–I’m not one of those diehard Marzo fans, but he looks good. Keldor‘s head sculpt is excellent, and I like the “normal” hands, boots, and cape…I may even have to get a second one to put that cape on Skeletor. But the regular Power Swords, instead of the crazier ones from the 200X cartoon, are a wee bit disappointing.

I’m very pleased with Whiplash. He’s one of my childhood favorites, and they’ve gone the extra mile with him. The sculpting is fantastic; I particularly like the sculpted shoulders. Both heads look good, but this is one case where the 200X head will be tossed forever in the accessories box–I never liked that cartoonish look. It’s great he comes with both the vintage and the cooler 200X weapon, however. I’m curious to see how the tail works.

MOTUC is probably the closest I’ve ever come to being a completist on a toy line, but the Mo-Larr and Skeletor 2-pack has broken that. I guess it’s a neat idea, but I really don’t need an Eternian dentist or another regular Skeletor who’s missing a tooth. Add the difficulty of securing any Mattel SDCC exclusives and this will be the first major MOTUC product I’ll be passing on. The Lex Luthor/Skeletor 2-pack is mildly tempting because of the comic Skeletor repaint, but it’s probably not a radical enough repaint to warrant the purchase. (That said, if I see it at TRU I doubt I’ll be able to resist buying it.)

Finally, there’s the weapons pack. I would easily have been able to skip this–electric pink and blue weapons? That’s way too retro, even for me–if not for the damned Tri-Klops sword repaint. I mentioned in my review that I wanted that sword, and now here it is. Some of the other weapons are pretty good too, honestly–the Lochaber axe, the mace, the blasters and the short sword, for instance.

And that’s it for MOTUC. It looks like Mattel is really committed to offering fans an incredible variety of characters from throughout the history of MOTU…but damn, it’s going to be an expensive year to be a MOTU fan.


For me, the best NECA news was the reveal of a Predator figure from the first movie. I’ve been waiting for this figure for ages; I’ve never loved any Predator design as much as I did the very first one. There are three different heads–unmasked closed-mouth, unmasked open-mouth and masked–and I’ll have to get at least two. They’re also making the Elder Predator from the end of Predator 2, but no sign of the main Predator from that movie.

Moving on to Terminator 2, we’re also getting the T-1000 in a few different versions and a couple more T-800s. As Rustin Parr pointed out to me, this T-800 is clearly a shot at McFarlane’s mediocre version from Movie Maniacs, when they lacked Arnold’s likeness rights and so they had to savage the face until it was unrecognizable.

Finally, NECA announced the Borderlands license for their Player Select line–and specifically promised a Claptrap with sound. No photos of it yet, but Dr. Mrs. Ghostal was very pleased with that–she loves that little guy. I had my fingers crossed for this one, and I’m glad it’s come to pass.


Speaking of Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, she and I are also pleased that Toynami is still going with the Futurama license. Photos showed Morbo, wooden Bender and URL.

(On a side note, DMG’s 30th birthday was this weekend. She loves those Kidrobot Futurama blind-boxes, and I told all our friends that if they wanted to bring a gift, get one of those. She now has all but two or three of them–plus three Nibblers and three Benders. No other doubles, though. She even got a Slurms, who’s rare and goes for $80 on eBay. We’ve given up hope of ever seeing a Robot Devil, though.)

Bif Bang Pow!

I’ll admit, the Mego-style Venture Bros. figures look better than I expected (except Brock, who looks like Lurch), and I like the Dude figure. The Lost figures are still good old-fashioned nightmare fuel, though.

Robot Chicken

Apparently Jazwares is making Robot Chicken 3.75″ figures (no photos yet). What do people think? Could these be any good? Despite their mediocre history, I did like Jazwares’ 3″ Sonic figures, so maybe they’re improving.


JLU fans finally get Lobo. Bask in it, folks. But remember, by buying this figure you forfeit the right to ever say the words “Holiday Hal” again. (Kidding!)


On the 6″ side, the only reveals here were slimed Peter (who does have new trouser legs) and TV commercial Ray. Slimed Peter comes with a new Slimer who actually looks pretty good, but won’t get me to buy Peter. I’m waiting for the non-slimed version. The Ray would be worth picking up only for the gadgets and the ghost.

Universal Monsters

Finally, Diamond Select announced they have the Universal Monsters license, and their plan includes Mego-style figures, Minimates and even Marvel Select-style figures. The latter resemble the old Sideshow 8″ figures but look even better, in my humble opinion…I’m definitely onboard for the whole set, especially the Creature. But according to the tags next to the figures, it looks like some of them–like the Wolf Man–won’t come out until September 2012. Which sucks.


I’m not up on my DCUC as much as I should be these days, but was anything announced or shown that we didn’t know about already?


Contest > Get the Sell Out (Mattycollector)


Any questions for Mattel?


  1. I did a write up of my thoughts over at my blog, so I won't bore you with all of that here. I will say that you totally missed out that Hasbro announced, SDCC SGT SLAUGHTER! I know you don't really cover Joe, but to me that's the biggest news of the show.

    Slaughter will make history this year by having both Mattel and Hasbro making figures of him. Historic and cool.

    I like the Diamond Select Universal Monsters… But do they have any articulation? The Sideshow figures may not have looked as good, but they had plenty of articulation.

    I like all the MOTUC cept the Dentist. I would buy certain Robot Chicken figures from Jazwares if they look cool.


  2. The Flash III


    Luthor has the battle armor and 4 pieces of Kryptonite, plus the gun he should have had in the first place.

  3. The Flash III


    That is true…I suppose he could hold some Kryptonite. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Wes GRogan

    I'm quickly losing interest in MOTUC as they go more niche and lose a lot of the appeal of the more mainstream characters. I'll pick up the first year or so of releases and probably call it done. I love Whiplash and might make an exception for him, but Mo-Larr? A toothless skeletor? A yellow monkey? I'll pass, thanks.

  5. RageTreb

    I'm so excited for Mo-Larr, you have no idea. I love to sit back and have a good laugh at things like this. Too many people treat toys as serious business. They're meant to be fun.

  6. Nicholai

    I'm not that interested in Tytus or Gy-Gor and may well pass on them, but She-Ra, Whiplash, Keldor, and Marzo are all very cool.

    Removable hat for DCUC Zatanna and Guy Gardner are sweet.

    The Venture Bros. Mego-style figures are much better than the LOST ones, but I'm not sure I'm in for that (I'm a huge Venture fan).

    I like the Supes, Lex, and Black Manta Mego style guys from Mattel along with some of the Action Heroes from Batman: Brave and the Bold. Only one new Ghostbuster is pretty sad especially when it is another Ray.

  7. PrfktTear

    Help a guy out at work who can't see pics… the Luthor/Supergirl 2-pack has Luthor in his kryptonite power suit, right? What about the Luthor/Skeletor pack?

  8. dwaltrip

    Hey Poe…..the 4HM confirmed over on the FanEx site that Gy-Gor is not a re-use of Grodd….it looks alike, but it is a new sculpt.


    Also, they confirmed that Tytus is partially Rotocast to keep costs down. This also makes him have less articulation in the upper body where the rotocast is. And there is less articulation in the legs just to keep the costs down as well.

  9. Poe

    @Ben: My wife has Sal, but we need Zoidberg, too. Sal goes cheap on eBay.

  10. Ben

    See, Poe, this is where you and I differ. I couldn't be more excited for an authentic MOTUC Mo-Lar, and I don't collect MOTUC hardly at all. So after typing this, I'm realizing it's an exception for both of us. That's one thing I love about how Mattel is approaching this line: When choosing characters, they're really trying to give us something different, and in some cases, they do have a sense of humor about it.

    I'm also glad to see that the Futurama line has SOME life left in it. Morbo, Wooden Bender, and URL are some of the best looking figures to date, so I seriously hope we don't have to wait too long for them. My sister is also in desperate need of a Robot Devil KidRobot figure…and Zoidberg, and Slurms, and Sal…sigh…

  11. americanhyena

    @The Flash III:

    If you don't have it yet, Brainiac / Supes has the gun in it too…I think TRU is clearancing those out now?

  12. Dan C.

    MOTUC – Good to see She-Ra, I broke down last night and got Adora off Ebay. Tytus is an automatic buy for me, but I wish they did more larger figures, instead of just 4 a year. It'll be awhile before we see all of the beasts/steeds from the originally releases done in both He-Man and She-Ra lines, if MOTUC even survives 5 more years.

  13. Dark Angel

    INCREDIBLY thrilled to be getting a 200X-inspired Marzo. I suspected they would make him soon, but was terrified he would be the Filmation child molester version. This is a grand day, it really is…

    Oh, and She-Ra's comb/battle axe…by the gods, that is brilliant. Pure, unadulterated win, there!

    Lobo. Lobo? LOBO!!!! Well, whoop-dee-fraggin'-doo. Some kind of exclusive, I'd wager…

  14. The Flash III

    So if I buy the Luthor/Supergirl 2-pack, I get 4 colored Kryptonites, but if I actually want the gun, I have to buy the stupid Luthor/Skeletor pack? That pretty much pisses me off.

  15. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: For a very long time I was, from my late childhood to my teenage years. For whatever reason, that ended sometime in high school, and despite all the nostalgia I have for other toys of my childhood, Transformers has never come back.

    Though to be fair, Star Wars hasn't really, either. And I think in both cases, the sheer amount of merchandise out there–and that has been produced in the last fifteen or twenty years–makes the idea of getting back on that bandwagon much too daunting, both financially and in terms of sheer space.

  16. Dead Man Walking

    Hey Poe, I thought you were a big Transformers fan too.

  17. The show is awesome and I've been posting pics at my site as I get time. I just haven't had time to do any in-depth, detailed writing. So thanks, because what you've posted here gives me things to think about as I wander the show floors.

  18. PrfktTear

    That MOTUC Whiplash looks fantastic. I had to do a double take, because he looks almost exactly like the original figure, which was a favorite of mine. They really have seemed to pull out all the stops with both classic/'02 heads and weapons. But yeah, that '02 head will forever be tossed in my accessories bag and most likely never see the light of day. With those new legs, it opens up the doors for Clawful and Buzz-Off too!

    I'm still trying to make up my mind about Tytus and Gygor… though, I'm starting to warm up to them. I think I can easily pass on Mol-ar and Toothless Skeletor.

    I'm pretty excited about the MP Grimlock TRU exclusive and the SDCC Blaster exclusive.

  19. americanhyena

    They debuted Tomar-Re and Guy Gardener for DCUC (suggesting there's another GL wave coming soon).

    Visual confirmation of the Luthor / Supergirl two-pack and a bunch more pictures of wave 13 and 14.

    And the MINIMATES!

    We're getting STILT-MAN. WITH STILT LEGS!!!


    Seriously…I plotzed.

  20. SHE RA!!! She's basically the only figure I want now.

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