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Last year I reviewed two of Spy Monkey Creations’ custom weapons, the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Blade of Ruination. Both were designed for use with Masters of the Universe Classics and other fantasy-themed lines. Now SMC is back with another weapon, the Blade of the Demon King!

When SMC first mentioned they were working on another sword, I was psyched. So far MOTUC has proved to be a bit heavy on the staves, but more importantly, there were a few characters who could really use a sword (I’m looking at you, Hordak). Spy Monkey Creations recognized that need. Like their previous weapons, the Blade of the Demon King comes in three flavors:

  • Bloodlust Version – clear red/black
  • Ghoul’s Aura Version – glow/neon green
  • Blue Venom Version – clear blue/metallic purple

Each sword costs $10 and will go on sale March 1st. I’d like to thank Spy Monkey Creations for sending me these samples for this special review.

While the usual caveat applies–these are custom swords, designed for any fantasy-themed line–each weapon has a pretty clear stylistic affinity to a particular MOTUC figure: Bloodlust for Hordak, Ghoul’s Aura for Scareglow, and Blue Venom for Skeletor (or Faker, whom I decided to give it to here).

Design & Sculpt: SMC went with an unusual look for the Blade of the Demon King; rather than the traditional forward curve and smooth surface, the Blade is more like a giant, serrated cleaver. It’s shaped like a bat’s wing (suggesting it was designed for Hordak first) and is translucent, ending in a painted hilt.

It was a unique direction to take, and I’ll admit that my first instinct was to put the sword in the figure’s hand backward, since the front-facing curve seemed so much more natural. Once I got used to how it was supposed to look, however, I came to like it quite a bit. The shape and serration give it a brutal, primal aspect (sort of like Kratos’s blades). You won’t be mistaking this sword for any of the other swords in MOTUC thus far.

Plastic & Paint: Unlike the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination, the Demon Blades are made from two separate pieces of plastic–the translucent blade and the hilt.

The Bloodlust sword, which is my personal favorite of the three, is translucent red, while the hilt is black with silver highlights. It matches the style of MOTUC Hordak perfectly, right down to the silver dry brush on the “bones” of the hilt.

The Ghoul’s Aura doesn’t have the same degree of detailing; the bones and pommel could have been painted purple or black, or left glow-in-the-dark to offset the green. But the blade glows, and offers a great alternative to Scareglow’s traditional Lochaber axe.

Finally, the Blue Venom “Skeletor” version has a dark, silvery purple offset by a lighter shiny purple on the bones and pommel.

Quality Control: The swords are very solid, and the paints have been applied well.

Overall: The Blades of the Demon King represent an evolution for Spy Monkey Creations, with more detail and a two-part design. They’re easily on par with, or better than, most of the weapons that come with actual MOTUC figures.

That said, at $10, these aren’t cheap. That’s simply the cost of making custom weapons–you can’t expect them to be as cheap as they would be if they were being made by the tens of thousands by a factory, paid for by a giant company. It’s all a matter of perspective–you can look at $10 as half the cost of a MOTUC figure, or $4 more than a McDonalds value meal that will be gone in fifteen minutes.

If I hadn’t received the review samples, I would have bought the Hordak sword for sure, and possibly the Skeletor sword as well. And I can’t wait to see what SMC has in store for MOTUC fans next…Staff of Avion, perhaps? Not that MOTUC needs anymore staves…

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  1. How about Spy Monkey making some 200X dual swords for Keldor down the line?

  2. Frogster

    Since Keldor is coming with two of the same purple swords of He, (instead of his 200x versions) I may have to break down and get one of the blue venom versions of those swords to use as an alternate sword.

  3. dayraven

    hot damn hordak sword!!!

  4. Poe

    @americanhyena: Yep…I'll have a review of the energy constructs up soon!

  5. americanhyena

    Damn it, Poe…lol.

    I had put these out of my head. But then the weapons pack is missing Faker's axe…

    I blame you for this, lol.


  6. Poe

    @Novelty: Sure thing–sorry about that, I'll add the links now. Again, though, the swords don't go on sale until March 1.

  7. Poe, I know you linked to SMC's blog in the first picture, but you never did link to the actual site where you ordered the swords from. Also, had I not been looking at it, I would have missed that link as there's no text link. Could you perhaps do all of us a favour and link to his site in future so that we don't have to hunt around for it? Thanks.

  8. very nice looking but I don't do the MOTU. The red would be nice though

  9. Thomas B

    i'd LOVE to get 2 of the red ones for hordak or some other horde member(when they get released). i think a Batros with TWO swords would be killer..

    the scareglow version is awesome as well.

    sadly i can not afford these right now.

  10. PrfktTear

    "Jesus Staves"

  11. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: I'm just interested in philology, so that's why I do it. I studied Old English in college. Not really anything to do with my geekhood, though I suppose that my interest in philology did stem from reading Tolkien way back when. And I'm not saying "staffs" is wrong. I just find "staves" fun to write.

  12. Andrew

    Because staves is correct English.

  13. Dead Man Walking

    Query: why do geeks (I don't mean that pejoratively) insist on calling the plural of staff "staves" when staffs is the preferred US English word?

  14. PrfktTear

    These all look really cool, I especially love the red/black bloodlust version. I would totally order that.

    I'm not going to sit here and complain about the most obvious thing; the price. These are obviously not for the casual fan, but for serious collectors.

    That said, it'd be great if they had some sort of buy one get one half off special. As Poe pointed out, that’s just the cost of making custom weapons. I usually try to be pretty frugal with my money, this coming from the guy who's dropping about $100 at Matty this month in addition to my sub figure. I'm sympathetic to both sides of the coin, yeah; $10 is only a few dollars more than I dropped at McDonalds the other day for breakfast. On the other hand, $10 will just about buy me a Transformers deluxe figure, or is nearly two-thirds of a DCUC figure. Which again, if you're a hardcore fan, you'll find a way to make the money for it. If you're going to complain, as much as you may like the product, its def not for you. If anything, put aside a couple dollars a week or save up your change for it and use that.

  15. Frogster

    I love those weapons, and those are some of the best yet, but when I bought my sword of the Empyrean last fall it was ten bucks shipped and now shipping is extra. It's hard to justify spending these with MOTUC being $20 a pop and now giants and beasts rounding out the line along with weapons packs.

  16. Jii Dee

    Very nice. I'd like me some of the Witching Axes and some of these, but i'm put off by the price. I totally understand why they cost what they do, but still…like you said..its 1/2 a motuc figure..

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