2010’s Impossible to Find G.I. Joe Exclusive Will Be…

As most die-hard Joe fans already know, Sargent Slaughter is the 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusive for the G.I. Joe line. This is both awesome and maddening, because you’re either going to have to go way out of your way at the convention to try and get one (and you probably will fail anyway) or you’ll have to be lucky enough to get one when it pops up on Hasbro Toy Shop after the convention. To make things even harder, good old Sarge comes in two flavors, regular:

And extra gunny:

I prefer the regular version myself, due to the G.I. Joe title belt. It just makes sense that a guy like Sargent Slaughter, who solves every problem that comes his way by wrestling, would have his own title belt unique to his special military division. It’s also nice that he comes with a mic, so he can taunt Cobra for several minutes before putting them in a figure four leg lock or whatever it is that wrestlers do.


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  1. Damn, I so hoped for a GI Joe-esque Miles Mayhem.

    Hey, you can still dream!

  2. Rob

    I will have both. Need to grab a Triple T now for the variant.

  3. Kind of… Droopy. :/

    They could've done Bench Press + New Head and got a more fiction accurate figure and saved on mold costs.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. @americanhyena: Goood call for pointing that out I was going to mentio it but you beat me to it.

    Mattel WWE Legends series Slaughter is great and a must get.

    Thank you Mattel, you've got a wrestling collector back.

  5. As the world’s biggest Sarge fan, I’m sort of disappointed in this. The head sculpt doesn’t look that good (though not bad mind you) and the body is just alright. They were trying to make the Sarge look more like “real life” Sarge but that wasn’t what the character was like in GI Joe.

    I guess I’ll end up still having to kitbash this figure to make it to my liking. At least with the Hasbro parts it’ll be easier.

    I’m going to end up with three or four of these. Some for customs plus I need to make one into the Warthog Driver version, which was my default Sarge when I was a kid.

  6. I had the plain black shirt version from the Triple-T, so I'm not happy with it being the rarer version.

    But I just don't think either is a good figure. Sarge needs pecs. I'll stick with my Jakks one from last year. Yeah, he has to stand on a Lego brick, but he's a better sculpt.

    …and I'm not a fan of HTS's random sale times on their exclusives. I'll take Mattel's scheduled time any day.

  7. Poe

    I hope they don’t re-do the Fridge. I’d have to get that figure.

  8. americanhyena

    The reason the made him less built is they were making him more accurate to the real Slaughter, who was always more bulk than toned muscle.

    I don't collect modern Does but I may need the regular one. 🙂

    And it's the Cobra Clutch, Paul. Get it right you maggot! :-p

  9. Thomas B

    Damn I want 2 of both. The second one's torso looks very long though. Kinda wished slaughter would have been more built though.

  10. PrfktTear

    I was lucky enough to be able to find the 3.75" Slaughter released last year by Jakks(?) under the wrestling line. He's pretty cool and I thought had satiated my need for 'ol Sarge… until I saw this guy…

  11. Works fine as an exclusive for me. The only thing worse the Cobra-La was the inclusion of real 'celebrities' like Slaughter and Perry. I have no interest in this gut and will not miss the headache of looking for him. Thank you Hasbro.

    Now could I please get some more info on the 1;18 scale Adventure Team sets?

  12. I really want the variant with the guns, but I'll take either or both if HTS has them available next day.

    Last year, SDCC exclusives were extraordinarily easy to get on HTS the morning after.

  13. Nik

    I remain confused by the ridiculously un-detailed torso sculpt. I prefer the variant which will hopefully prove to be less popular and easier to score on HTS on post-SDCC monday madness.

  14. Fengschwing

    I'll still bet that this will be easier to pick up than what ever Mattel lay on…

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