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1.) Extremely nerdy question: Now that we’re getting a He-Man/Superman 2-pack at retail, does that mean the events of DC Comics Presents #47 are canon in the MOTUC universe–or is this a “What If?” scenario?

There actually isn’t an official 100% canon for MOTU. Each tale, whether told in a movie, TV series, comic book, toy bio or your imagination is its own story and equally valid. [Poe’s note — I was asking whether this story was canon in the specific MOTUC canon they’re building in the bios.]

2.) Is there any chance of other DC/MOTU collaborations now–perhaps a trade paperback reissue of the original DC 3-issue MOTU miniseries, or even a new MOTUC comic series?

This is something we are looking into but nothing to announce quite yet.

3.) DO4M asks: We were told that a “200X” He-Man redeco would get a painted harness and the 200X sword from MAA/Weapons Pack, but no “200X/MYP” head. Does this mean that He-Variants that have a different head (hairstyle) like NA He-Man or Laser Power He-Man will get the “vintage hairstyle” MOTUC He-Man head instead of a head based on their toy?

For characters who had a different hair style, such as a pony tail, we would add that but otherwise, He-Man’s head will stay the same in one unique, classic look. We won’t be adding any “anime flair” or “200X” look with the hyper details to MOTUC. That style is retired.

4.) Nik asks: In regards to the 6″ Ghostbusters line, I am looking forward to slimed Peter and Commercial Ray, but when can we expect some villains? I really would like a Vigo figure and an in-scale painting if possible.

This is something we are very excited for as well. We are offering Walter Peck this summer – he is a villain – of sorts! He did release all the ghosts in the containment units after all!

5.) Barbecue17 asks: In a recent interview with Fwoosh, Toyguru commented that fans did not purchase enough of the Mattycollector DCUC 2 packs to warrant more being made. Here’s my question: If these figures aren’t sold out, and Matttel is concerned with the sales numbers, why are they removed from Mattycollector so long before the summer conventions? It would seem logical to continue offering fans a chance to purchase these figures at their convenience rather than limit sales to a designated period. With the high cost of shipping, I can certainly understand fans who would prefer to make a quarterly purchase from Mattycollector and save on some shipping.

We do have a few unclaimed customer service units of some of the sold-out items and indeed we will bring them to SDCC with us or offering them again on down the road.


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  1. Reverend Ender

    @Reverend Ender:

    And yes, I am going to reply to myself because I realized something. Why is a 200X He-Man headsculpt off the table, but the 200X Whiplash head (Which I seem to be the only one to prefer) is cool? That makes no sense!

  2. Dan C.

    About Question 2's answer, I guess the Mattel team was referring to the pack-in comics specifically and not a brand new MOTUC comic series.

    Toyguru/Scott has said at various times nothing is in the works in terms of a comic book series for MOTUC on several of the public forums out there.

  3. wesitron

    Wow, it's like you didn't even ask the fifth question. 🙂

  4. Nik

    @Reilly: HAHA. I would say Ray as Vigo would come out before plain old Vigo… but they would still need to tool a slime blower for that… 🙁

  5. Can't wait for their Vigo figure, done in the style which made this line such a success.

  6. Yeah but those weapons aren't purple, they're hot pink.

    It's not like everyone is going to have a Wun-Dar, either.

    Oh well.

  7. Gmamon

    [Edited by Poe Ghostal — please don't repost complete questions and answers from other sites here. I like people to come here to read my Q&As, and I'd like to treat other sites with the same courtesy. Visit Kastor's Korner for what was posted in this comment.]

  8. Heli

    They're still trying to figure out how to make Vigo work on either the Ghostbuster body or a DCUC buck.

  9. Nik

    I feel like when the GB property was up for bids Mattel just though of 4 guys wearing the same thing and their eyes all rolled $$$$$. God forbid we want other main characters/ghosts before lab coat ray from a in-movie commercial.

    Though, I do kinda want Walter Peck. Just not this early on. Give us Pete first. And librarian. And Gozer. And terror dogs. And VIGO! YOU ARE LIKE THE BUZZING OF FLIES TO HIM!

  10. monkey boy

    jesus mattel, please understand that nobody wants a walter peck action figure. the only reason anyone is buying him is to either get the containment unit, or because they're (rightfully so) terrified that if he doesn't sell out in 1 hour you'll consider the entire ghostbusters line a failure.

    meanwhile mattel, YOU are only making walter peck so you can get more mileage out of your "guy in a suit" tooling.

    but the VERY OBVIOUS demand is out there for, y'know, actual GHOSTS for our busters to BUST. hence the whole idea of GHOSTBUSTERS.

    so far the unique tooling in this line is one (1) ghostbuster body and five (5) unique heads. i'm betting it actually costs more to tool the accessories than it does to tool the figures themselves, considering the re-use that goes on.

    thus, since a ghost figure would most likely require new tooling, i doubt we'll see them anytime soon, except in the form of annoying translucent accessories.

  11. Barbecue17

    Thanks for asking my question, Poe. I don't feel that Mattel answered it in a way that was at all satisfactory. They either ignored it or seemed to miss the point.

  12. Reverend Ender

    So all of us who prefer the head styling of the 200x MOTU characters get a big FU. Thanks Mattel! One less reason to buy variants. What a money saver!

  13. Q: Hey when are we going to get some good Ghostbusters figures?

    A: Dude, we're making Walter Peck!

    Q: When will we be getting an unslimed complete team?

    A: Have you heard about our new Walter Peck figure?

    Q: Why make another DCUC Walmart Exclusive wave?


    We get it, you're making a Walter Peck. Kudos. He's the last Ghostbuster figure that Mattel will ever make. No need to rub it in.

  14. DO4M

    At least my dreams of having He-Man Sporting a mullet aren't crushed completely… I expected the Standard He-Head, but didn't expect the NA Ponytail.

  15. Nik

    Thanks to Poe for asking my question. Thanks to Mattel for not answering it!

  16. upinout

    I think he did answer whether or not the corssover comics are cannon in MOTUC. The answer is no. The comics are their own cannon, as is the story being told in the bios.

    "Each tale….is its own story and equally valid"

  17. PrfktTear

    Yay! My Adam/Adora slash is canon! 😉

  18. cj

    So I shouldn't be coming back here expecting much in terms of DCUC news I guess. =(

    Fair enough.

  19. Wes GRogan

    Yes! I can consider my Orko/Beastman fan fiction to be canon, then! Victory is mine!

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