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1.) Extremely nerdy question: Now that we’re getting a He-Man/Superman 2-pack at retail, does that mean the events of DC Comics Presents #47 are canon in the MOTUC universe–or is this a “What If?” scenario?

There actually isn’t an official 100% canon for MOTU. Each tale, whether told in a movie, TV series, comic book, toy bio or your imagination is its own story and equally valid. [Poe’s note — I was asking whether this story was canon in the specific MOTUC canon they’re building in the bios.]

2.) Is there any chance of other DC/MOTU collaborations now–perhaps a trade paperback reissue of the original DC 3-issue MOTU miniseries, or even a new MOTUC comic series?

This is something we are looking into but nothing to announce quite yet.

3.) DO4M asks: We were told that a “200X” He-Man redeco would get a painted harness and the 200X sword from MAA/Weapons Pack, but no “200X/MYP” head. Does this mean that He-Variants that have a different head (hairstyle) like NA He-Man or Laser Power He-Man will get the “vintage hairstyle” MOTUC He-Man head instead of a head based on their toy?

For characters who had a different hair style, such as a pony tail, we would add that but otherwise, He-Man’s head will stay the same in one unique, classic look. We won’t be adding any “anime flair” or “200X” look with the hyper details to MOTUC. That style is retired.

4.) Nik asks: In regards to the 6″ Ghostbusters line, I am looking forward to slimed Peter and Commercial Ray, but when can we expect some villains? I really would like a Vigo figure and an in-scale painting if possible.

This is something we are very excited for as well. We are offering Walter Peck this summer – he is a villain – of sorts! He did release all the ghosts in the containment units after all!

5.) Barbecue17 asks: In a recent interview with Fwoosh, Toyguru commented that fans did not purchase enough of the Mattycollector DCUC 2 packs to warrant more being made. Here’s my question: If these figures aren’t sold out, and Matttel is concerned with the sales numbers, why are they removed from Mattycollector so long before the summer conventions? It would seem logical to continue offering fans a chance to purchase these figures at their convenience rather than limit sales to a designated period. With the high cost of shipping, I can certainly understand fans who would prefer to make a quarterly purchase from Mattycollector and save on some shipping.

We do have a few unclaimed customer service units of some of the sold-out items and indeed we will bring them to SDCC with us or offering them again on down the road.


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  1. Wes GRogan

    @Kid Nicky – Totally agree. I make exceptions for MOTUC, since really that actually is the point.. the original line reused everything and it was a big part of the appearance of the characters. Not to say I'm not thrilled when someone like Trap-Jaw or Hordak comes along, but I allow for the reuse. On DCUC, however… well, I'm just becoming bored with it. It's the same stuff over and over, with the occasional Deadman or Iron reminding me how cool it could be, if they just did some more original stuff.

  2. @Kid Nicky: Totally agree.

  3. Kid Nicky

    I think it's funny that giving each 'buster individual bodies is too expensive for 28 dollar figures,when 25 years ago they were able to do it for 4 dollar figures. With removable backpacks. With ghosts.

    Of course Kenner didn't have a Walter Peck figure,so score!

    Look,I fully understand the realities of the buisness,and why it just makes sense for Superman and Batman to share the same body. That being said,EVERY figure Mattel puts out is a Frankenstein of older figures. It's just cheap,especially on "collector's items" you pay a premium price for. It has to be possible to do more new sculpts,since Hasbro does it all the time in their lines. Sure they reuse where applicable,but they don't cut as many corners. Imagine if General Grevious wasn't available in the Star Wars line because his four arms didn't "cost out."

  4. DO4M

    @Reverend Ender:

    I know! It's kinda hard to believe what Mattel's Rep. says when they do the opposite of what TG's saying. I seriously hope that for the next Q&A we get a Rep. that is not from Bizarro World.

  5. Reverend Ender


    THAT'S what I'M SAYIN!

  6. DO4M

    after rereading the answer THIS part bugs me: We won’t be adding any “anime flair” or “200X” look with the hyper details to MOTUC. That style is retired.

    Yet Whiplash has his "anime flair" head and weapon, Marzo is 90% "anime flair" (Borrowed bracelets and upper boots does not cancel the "anime flair")

  7. @Reverend Ender: It would be cool if they could do the prototype 200X head sculpt for He-Man which was a lot more like King Greyskull.

  8. Gmamon

    Wow Im really Sorry Poe. I was just too lazy to type it out. Forgiveness?

  9. Reverend Ender

    @monkey boy:

    It's funny because it's true!

    Mattel: Maddening our customers and inducing sadness since 1945.

  10. monkey boy


    your last sentence is also mattel's business plan!

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