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After all the headaches (see here and here), Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man has finally arrived–assuming you had a subscription or were able to order him in the first three minutes of sale on MattyCollector. Everyone else will have to wait until 2011 or hit eBay.

I never owned Moss Man as a kid, and since he was rarely featured in the cartoon I didn’t even know much about him. To me he was no more than a green, furry Beast Man. To six-year-old Poe, flocking–which seemed suspiciously like fabric, and therefore associated with dolls–was little more than a way for a figure to look beat-up and scruffy really fast. One trip through the Slime Pit and Moss Man was ruined forever.

And so, I was skeptical about Mattel’s decision to do a flocked Moss Man for the Classics line. Obviously I would have preferred a new sculpt, akin to the Horsemen’s plans for the 200X figure, but due to the cost-saving nature of MOTUC, the only options were flocked or a straight Beast Man repaint, which would have been even worse. Given that choice, flocked was the right way to go.

Packaging: Mattel may choose to change up the MOTUC packaging at some point in the future, but not with Moss Man. I do think it would have been better to package him with the Millennium head (I’ve decided to take a page from the Godzilla fan notebook, because I’m sick of “200X”) on the figure instead of the vintage head, but that hasn’t been Mattel’s M.O. with the alternate heads so far.

As for the bio–Moss Man had a minimal role in the 1980s cartoon, appearing in a couple episodes with no real character development. That changed with the Millennium series, where he got a starring role in the episode “Orko’s Garden.” The episode made him into a kind of vegetative god, and there are some definite similarities–intentional or not–to Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. For MOTUC, Mattel has gone with the Millennium characterization, and it certainly makes the character a lot more interesting.

Design & Sculpt: Don’t let the flocking fool you–this is mostly a repainted Beast Man with a new head, but the new head is great. Inspired by the Millennium version of the character, it’s sort of a cross between a teddy bear, the Hulk, and a moldy green pepper. I think you’ll have to be a real diehard fan to want to display him with the original head.

In terms of design, the big question is the execution of the flocking. Again, while I’m not fan of flocking–I’m very glad the first Panthor release won’t have it–I have to admit it works well here. It’s applied in patches around the articulation points to allow them to move, and somehow Mattel pulled it off without making it look like Moss Man has mange. The flocking material seems a bit longer and stiffer than the material used on the original figure. I haven’t noticed any material flaking off my figure, but some collectors have reported it.

Oh, and then there’s the pine scent. This is one feature I could have done without–Moss Man is pungent. He reeks of pine scent, and unfortunately, it’s a very strong, industrial cleaner-type of pine smell, not the pine smell you get in one of those cloth bags at a country store. It will remind you of Pine-Sol, not a forest. It’s cloying and overwhelming for the first hour or so out of the package, and even now, days later, I can smell him standing a few feet away. But it’s not a dealbreaker, and I won’t mark the figure down for it.

Plastic & Paint: There’s very little paint to speak of aside from the cuffs, belt, loincloth, face and a little around the toes. Most of it is clean and sharp, except for a little bleed around the eyes on my figure’s “mellow” head. The eyes of the snarling head have been painted looking off to the left, in a tribute to the original figure’s sly look.

Articulation: See the image for the full list. As I mentioned, it all works fairly well with the flocking, and the heads pop on and off the neck peg with little trouble. The rocker ankle on my figure’s right foot is fine, but the left is a bit sticky.

Accessories: In addition to the interchangeable heads, Moss Man comes with his signature mace, a man-purse and a knife. The mace is sculpted to look as if it’s made of wood, a great touch that is unfortunately made risible by the “metal” version in the upcoming Weapons Pak. The messenger bag, with its vine-like strap, gives Moss Man a lot of character.

The stone-like knife fits in the bag, while the mace can be hung from from a small loop in the back of the strap.

Quality Control: My figure’s left foot is tilted a bit, so he can’t stand with both feet flush to the ground–despite the fact that the rocker ankles appear to be functional. It doesn’t prevent him from being able to stand, but it’s mildly annoying.

Overall: Like Adora, I wasn’t really excited about Moss Man, but he’s won me over. The flocking worked out well, and the Millennium head is so expressive it gives Moss Man a charm the original figure never had. In my opinion he’s one of the biggest surprises of the line so far.

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Pic of the Day


  1. Richard Grayson

    @americanhyena: Hey, yeah, he's got the Preternia-style loincloth, I can't believe nobody else noticed that before now! I guess that goes with his being a contemporary of those guys.

  2. PrfktTear

    @Jason: They were more conservative back in those pre-Eternian days… Nowadays they walk around in those skimpy loin cloths that show everything.

  3. PrfktTear

    I hope Stinkor reeks of patchouli oil! Mine still has a VERY faint scent. That really brings back memories!

    If Moss Man is as pungent as Poe says, I might use him for an air freshener in my car for a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Reverend Ender

    Great review, Poe. I was SO looking forward to Mossy. I can't believe I have to wait until 2011. Flocking Mattel. Flocking Flockers. Yeah, I went there.

    Oh yeah, and it's 6:06pm EST and my Stratos and Wave 12 are nowhere to be seen. It's a sad day in Enderville.

  5. Jason

    I read it somewhere saying that the longer Loincloth is a way of telling who was around during Grayskull / Hordak Pre Eternia time besides the cosmic/mystic warriors

  6. LOL @ your Indian tears Moss Man.

    Here's my thoughts on Mossy, as a kid Moss Man was a BAD GUY in my world. He seemed so much more likely to be working with Skeletor than not. He fit in better with those misfits.

    I think the new Millenium stuff works pretty well. I opted for two Moss Men, one to make be a bad guy with the original head and one to make a good guy with the new head.

    I just need a good name for the bad guy version.

    Excellent review as always Poe, informative and fun.

  7. americanhyena

    There's another difference from Beast Man other than the head Poe. He's wearing the longer Grayskull / Hordak loin cloth instead of the standard one.

    I didn't even notice until I opened mine. At what point did they change this? Because in the early prototype shots at the very least he was wearing the shorter one.

  8. Mossman was always one of my favourites in the old line…still have him.

  9. Fengschwing

    I have to say the one thing that no-one has touched on, looking at the photos, his flocking REALLY looks like moss.

    He seems like a pretty cool figure!

  10. I wonder how Stinkor will smell. And just how long will Moss Man retain his stench? Maybe they'll offer "fragrance sprays" on Matty Collector in the future so that you can "freshen up" your Moss Man.

  11. PrfktTear

    Great review, Poe! I'm looking forward to opening my Moss Man tonight!

    I dug out my original Moss Man last night. He's definitely seen better days. Some of the flock is matted down, and he could definitely be called "Lint Man". I'm glad they went ahead with the flocking for the MOTUC entry, despite the known drawbacks. In a line so firmly entrenched in nostalgia, it would be sorely missed and almost out of place, at least on my shelves.

    Down the line, if they ever release a completely non-flocked Moss Man I may consider picking him up simply for the fact of not having one to display that I won't have to worry about looking like crap in a few years.

  12. De-Man

    The paint running out of your "Millennium" head's eye makes it look like he is crying after someone started a forest fire.

  13. MrG

    Why does mossman have hair in one of his nostrils only? did he snort weed killer or something?

  14. Thorough review Poe. I was wondering about how the pine smell would work…seems to be a little too much.:)

    I was out of town when the sale hit this month, but I'm definitely picking him up when he's re-released.

  15. MechaShiva

    Ch-ch-Chia!Looks great,cool review.The somber head does give him the regal savage look.

  16. Matthew K

    Oh yeah, the added scent on Mossy makes me think of Vicks Vapo rub.

  17. Matthew K

    I have to agree with you on the Millenium head being the superior and final display version.

    I like the term Millenium, too. I'm thinking all the hemming and hawing about the '200X' stuff being incorporated into MOTUC or not or how it's so much cooler than MOTUC soured me on the designation.

  18. izdawiz

    I just noticed that your angry head has a ton of nose hair sprouting from one of his nostrils. (Rare variant?) That's a nice touch and makes him look even angrier in an old man sort of way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. izdawiz

    Thanks Poe. I'll likely pick him up next year when he's available.

    Since you ended up getting the figure a year before most people this review is really handy, plus you can rerun it when the figure gets re-released.

  20. I love the new Moss Man. I even love his scent.

    The old Moss Man wasn't crappy fabric like Panthor. He had bristly fur like the modern Moss man has. He also smelled like pine ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good review.

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