3 3/4″ Toy Story 3 Twitch RARE HTF (sigh…)

I could be jumping the gun here. But if the confidence of this eBay seller and my cursory Web search constitute a preponderance of evidence (which they don’t), the one figure I’m really interested in from Toy Story 3, the decently-articulated 3 ¾” Twitch, is going to be very hard to find. This auction is the only evidence I’ve found that this figure even exists.

No doubt he’s packed one to every ten cases.

Prove me wrong, Mattel. (Please) prove me wrong.


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  1. I'm wondering if this is coming out in the next wave. I didn't see any at TRU yesterday and at TRU.com, I searched for "Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Movie Collectible Figure" and he didn't come up.

    I'm excited for <a href="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.toysrus.com%2Fproduct%2Findex.jsp%3FproductId%3D3916139&h=80d39″ target=”_blank”>Sparks too!

  2. Reverend Ender

    Scratch that, I think what I saw was a larger, crapier Twitch.

  3. I got the carded one, and if Twitch is a villain in TS3, it'll about break my heart. Reminds me of Buzz-Off, for some reason; besides being a bug-guy, I mean.

    Not a lot of articulation on the bigger Twitch, though.

  4. I'll be out shopping Saturday morning (if my girlfriend asks, i'm getting a haircut) so if I see any I'll grab it for you Poe.

  5. Motorthing

    I'll wait to see the film with my family before I worry about adding YET ANOTHER line to my habit. And seriously….this Guy is going to be cooler than Buzz? No way man…..

  6. Reverend Ender

    Saw him at TRU in Framingham like 2 days ago. He's not so much of a much.

  7. I♥Animeskeles

    @jestergoblin: that would be hilarious AND evil… I wouldn't expect less from mattel.

    Seriously though I'd like a MOTUC Twitch…

  8. @Newton Gimmick: I wouldn't put it past Mattel to sculpt in the articulation but not actually give it.

  9. Interesting that this version has his staff and articulation. I thought Mattel wasn't going to actually manage that.

  10. I've seen the carded version of him at several Wal-Marts recently. I think it has a little less articulation than that boxed version in the pic, but he's also closer to 6".

    You're right though, he's definitely the most interesting new character. Probably due to the MOTU influence…

  11. Poe

    @George: Fett-status only in that he'll be a mysterious minor character with a cool-looking design. Not Fett-status in overall popularity.

  12. PrfktTear

    DMW: I gotta disagree. I think he'd fit in nicely with vintage MOTU or even TMNT for that matter. At least in my 'verse.

    Poe: If I run into this guy I'll let you know

  13. Mario

    I'm with you Poe. Hopefully we're wrong, but this guy just screams HTF.

  14. George


    I'll go ahead and look, but I won't bet you because I've been wrong before.

    Really Fett Status I dunno.

  15. Dead Man Walking

    I can sort of see the appeal of this figure: it's meant to be reminiscent of 1980's action figures like he-man, though in reality it looks like it might fit better with The Bugmen of Insecta: http://www.action-figures.ca/bugmen_insecta.htm

    Still, I find the design completely uninspired. No matter how goofy Mattel got, you could see that there was a thought process to the He-Man designs. This guy doesn't look so much like an inhabitant of Eternia, as it does an early 80's knockoff attempt. And I truly find those '80's knockoffs charming (Warrior Beasts, e.g.), but in 2010 I need to see more imagination. Combine that with his "it's-just-a-kids-line" level of detail, and this guy is an easy pass for me.

  16. Poe

    @jestergoblin: Oh, I think that's already obvious. Twitch=Boba Fett.

  17. I'd wait on it. I see Toy Story being pretty popular this summer.

    Plus, I've heard Twitch doesn't even have a speaking role in the film so I don't know how popular he'll end up being.

  18. PrfktTear

    I think you can buy him at TRU.com. I was actually looking at them after I saw the review for the deluxe sixe (6") Twitch over at Michael Crawford's site. For less than $10, its a damn good toy! I also had a NERDGASM when I saw this electronic talking/moving Mr. Potato Head. Though, my excitement was slightly diminished when I saw the price tag, $50.00. As much as I love the spud, I think I'll wait for a sale or a coupon or something.

  19. Poe

    Sure! But $10 says you never see it again.

  20. George

    I've seen at Target. Would you want me to buy for you?

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