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1.) Nicholai asks: Regarding Mattel’s plans for DCSH figures such as Steel, Bane, Mr. Freeze and so forth: should fans attempt to get those in the secondary market, or hold out for a re-release/new sculpt?

We would like to get to re-releases of these older figures in the near future, and we can confirm nothing is locked down for these specific characters in either 2010 or 2011.

2.) Dayraven asks: Why was there no “bio” about the First Ultimate Battleground on the Weapons Pak box? I kind of figured it was a given that we’d learn more about the UB from the pak, especially in light of the “Eternian Secrets” on the map.

The Weapons Pak is designed more as an avatar to let collectors customize their figures based on their imagination. There is no intended story behind the specific weapons. They are just meant to be fun.

3.) Barbecue17 asks: Why were the trademark stamps included on and so obvious on the Weapons Pak accessories? This won’t be a continuing trend, will it?

This is required by law, it is not a design choice.

4.) Paul asks: I’m very excited about the forthcoming Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters line. Do you have plans to expand it beyond our four heroes?

First, we have to see how the first four figures do, but we do have big plans if the line takes off!

5.) Joe asks: The Flash is experiencing a renaissance of sorts over at DC. Flash Rebirth, talks of a movie and next year, they have a major event called Flashpoint centered around him. Will we see more Flash-related DCUC figures anytime soon?

Yes, we have a lot more Flash-related figures in the hopper!

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  1. I♥Animeskeles

    @dayraven: But their answer to your question proves how stupid the ban against the "anime" Skeletor Swords is. We (those who want a MOTUC-ized version of said blades) want them for the very same reason the weapons pak exist. For fun and to customize our displays a little bit… (Too many Vintage Power swords running about.)

  2. The "CHINA" stamp is required to denote the country of origin for import purposes. Anything made outside of the US is required to have the country of manufacture on the packaging and the product. I'm guessing that the figure/accessory arguement PrfktTear makes is part of the reason it's not stamped on the weapons included with the figures but I have to wonder why it's not part of the mold the way Hasbro does with the Star Wars weapons (which some have the imprint and others don't…)

  3. I think because of the nature of the battle pak where the accessories are essentially "loose" and do not belong to one specific figure, wheras when you buy a regular MOTUC figure, that figure's accessories aren't stamped because the figure itself is and the accessory is considered part of the toy. I suspect the legal reasons are for either one of two possibilities: one is for copyright protection, the other is incase a kid chokes on it or whatever. Those are my two guesses though.

  4. Barbecue17

    Interesting that Mattel has to legally put that information on the accessories. Does any other company do this?

  5. Poe

    @RageTreb: Every question came from here. I have to submit questions two weeks in advance. The questions you all submitted a couple days ago were for the June 1 round.

  6. Scott


    Are you looking at the right ones? These questions were asked around 20 days ago. The ones just recently asked will get some answers with the June 1st Q&A.

  7. Nicholai

    Also, thanks Poe!

  8. Nicholai

    Woo! Got my question answered. I'll hold off on buying any of my missing DCSH figures and hope they do re-release or resculpt them. I don't particularly care if Bane is a C&C, I just want to know if those characters are coming back in one form or another.

  9. Mysterious Stranger

    @RageTreb: The question says "re-release/new sculpt". Matty side-stepped the "new sculpt" part of the question in their answer.

  10. RageTreb

    And Bane could still be the CnC figure for 16. The question was in regards to re-releasing the old DCSH figure, rememeber?

  11. RageTreb

    I must not understand this process, because I only recognize ONE of those questions as being asked in the comments.

    I take it you take questions from your forums as well?

  12. Dan C.

    Question 1: Bane not coming this year or next?

    Bane is rumored in Wave 16 as the BAF. Could be that entire list was wrong:


    azrael batman

    new riddler

    jonah hex


    classic robin

    BAF: bane

    Or matty's lying or the employee answering this month doesn't have his facts straight.

  13. dayraven

    um… did they read my question? i don't care about the weapons, i wanted a bio on the ultimate battleground, an event they've mentioned in three bios and that's plainly on the header of the damned weapons pak!!

  14. AFOS

    The answer to the first question seems to debunk the rumor of Bane being the CnC figure for wave 16. Then again this is Mattel we're talking about.

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