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Spy Monkey Creations continues to create excellent accessories for use with 7″ action figures. While they could be used with any figure, it’s obvious they’re inspired by Masters of the Universe Classics.

I previously reviewed the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination, as well as the Blade of the Demon King and its variants. The subject of this review is the Shield of Deliverance and its variants. Since I received samples of the product and SMC is now a sponsor, this won’t be a normal review with a raven rating–I’m just going highlight the product and allow you to decide for yourselves.

The basic design of the shields loosely resembles the riveted shield from the original 1980s Weapons Pak. Since that shield also came with Stinkor, we can assume we’ll see an official MOTUC version eventually. To distinguish their versions, SMC has added a “gem” to each shield.

There are five variants:

The Shield of Deliverance, Golden Royal Version: Inspired by King Randor, this is a golden shield with a smooth, dark blue gem. The Millennium-era Randor memorably bore a shield that was indirectly responsible for the creation of Keldor, so there’s a pleasant parallel in giving the 1980s Randor his own, 1980s-inspired shield. It fits perfectly with the style of Randor’s sword and shield, and is probably my favorite of the group.

Randor is one of my least-favorite MOTUC figures–I just find him rather dull–but this shield spruces him up a bit.

The Shield of Deliverance, Weapons Master Version: Man-At-Arms might like this one. The orange/yellow of MOTUC Duncan’s armor is tricky, yet SMC appears to have found the correct hue. It features a smooth green gem.

Given his status as a master of all arms, the shield makes for a natural accessory for MAA. And don’t forget about that upcoming MOTUC 2-pack–if it includes a Heroic Guard, you may want at least one of these to deck him out.

The Shield of Destruction, Blue Venom Version: A shield for a lord, you might say. A dark purple shield with a light blue gem, this time faceted to reflect the more chaotic nature of its bearer. The gem brings to mind the old Crystar toys.

As you can see, the shields look particularly good when matched up with the Blade of the Demon King. Since next month’s Keldor will only be coming with two half-swords (lame, Mattel), I plan to give him both these accessories to make him a bit more unique (assuming I get a Keldor).

The Shield of Destruction, Eye of Doom Version: This shield is appropriate for both Tri-Klops and Optikk, but I like it with Trike better. The color scheme better matches him, and since he uses a sword, a shield seems like a natural addition.

The Shield of Destruction, Doppelganger Version: If there’s any figure I like having alternate accessories for, it’s Faker–that orange sword just looks goofy. The gem in the Doppelganger shield resembles hot coals, and the red matches the jewel at the center of Faker’s chest armor.

Here’s a look at the back of the shield:

Like the previous accessories from SMC, each shield is made from strong, durable plastic, very similar to that of the actual MOTUC accessories.

One caveat: SMC contacted me to let me know there may be a problem with the gems coming loose. However, I haven’t had any problems with the gems, and any shields you order should have the problem corrected.

Like the previous accessories, each shield is $10 and is available from the Spy Monkey Creations webstore.

[Update] Added by request of americanhyena:


Any questions for Mattel?


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  1. Too-Man-E-Faces


    They are all quite brilliant. If you click on "FanFics" and then back on "FanArts" you'll see a clickable list of more awe inspiring creations by this artist. Just check them out. He's one of my favourite MotU FanArt creators.

    But I didn't intend to draw the discussion away from SMC's work. So, maybe back to the original topic. 😉

  2. Mario

    @Too-Man-E-Faces: Man, that's a good looking painting.

    I'm liking the club, for sure, but I just have an itching for a real good axe. Nothing says "good morning" like a good axe.

  3. Too-Man-E-Faces


    The more I think about it, the more a simple MotU styled club or mace is what I'd favour.

    Have a look at this interpretation of an Eternian giant from the old days. The picture is actually a fan creation showing a certain scene from a German MotU audio drama.


  4. Mario

    @Poe: A warhammer would definitely be welcome, but I'd personally prefer a good old axe. & yeah, it'd have to be made of a lighter plastic so that Tytus could actually one-hand it.

    @dayraven: I have the Zodac sword, & although I've made no attempt to customize it, the plastic & paint "feel" like they'd take well to any modifications. I did buy it directly from Jeremy a long time ago before the stuff was offered on SMC, so it could be of "finer" materials than his current runs, considering that he had to spot make them.

    Anyways, hope that helps.

  5. @Mysterious Stranger: Skeletor bit down on the shield, and thats how he broke his tooth, then he had to go see Mo-Larr, Eternian dentist.

  6. americanhyena


    Yeah, if he dropped the price of these a couple bucks or did a "three for the price of two" offer, I wouldn't even being picking and choosing. I'd get both axes, all five shields, and all three demon swords.

  7. Mysterious Stranger

    I like how in the thumbnail of them all together it kinda looks like Skeletor is biting his shield.

    I like the look of the Man-At-Arms and Tri-Klops shields. If I was to pick any up it would be these two. The others don't do much for me. I'm not sure why.

  8. Good call AH! He looks great with the axe and shield!

    I say this every time, but it'd be great if they could offer a deal, like 3 for $20 or something. $10 a pop is just a lot to swallow, no matter how fantastic they look.

    The only flip side to that is that you are getting something handmade and of high quality, so for the price of a couple iced coffees you'll have something that enhances your figures. These are for serious collectors, not for the casual fans.


  9. chopa

    I like the tri-klops one. May need to go and accessorize.

  10. dayraven

    does SMC's stuff take paint well, like if you wanted to change a color scheme or highlight the bolts or stuff like that? has anyone tried? cuz i know certain plastic grades resist taking new color, or will take some types of paint but not others… just curious.

  11. americanhyena


    I'm thinking I'm sold on the Blue Venom sets for Keldor too.

  12. Too-Man-E-Faces

    mh… the first SpyMonkey Creation I definitely don't like.

    If you fancy TriKlops to be a sort of gladiator, the shield looks OK. Also the "Randor" shield does it somehow. But all the others look a bit deplaced as regards the MOTUC figures. With the funky crystals they rather give you the impression of being fashion accessories or some PoP items maybe to be found in some future Ultimate Battleground WP.

    But that's just my opinion.

    But I say bring on some club, mace or (Thor-styled) warhammer for Tytus. Possibly made of styrofoam so that he can lift it. 😉

  13. Poe

    @americanhyena: Done–see above.

    @Mario: Holy crap, is that a GOOD IDEA. The consensus on the He-Man.org forums is that Tytus needs some sort of warhammer.

    @Jason: That is a first-release Skeletor. So the answer is yes, although he can't hold it as tightly as a closed-hand Skeletor.

  14. Jason

    I have the 1st release of Skeletor with the "open left hand" and i am wondering if the shield will fit in that hand

  15. Great job! They all look fantastic, but I've got to say that the Randor shield is the best!

  16. Mario

    They all look really good, & Poe, you're absolutely right, Keldor will REQUIRE that shield. It's just too good of a pairing.

    I hope Jeremy makes an Axe & shield, or whatever really, for Tytus. It's just necessary, & I think it'd be his best seller.

    You hear me Jeremy?

  17. americanhyena

    Poe, can we please, please pretty please get a shot of Faker with the SPC axe and shield? If I order anything it will be those two but I wanna see how he looks sporting both first before I drop $10 a pop.

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