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Pic of the Day

Playing in the mud

Playing in the mud
by lalasmom

MOTUC Bio Discussion #19 > Battle Armor He-Man

Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion!

Back from vacation

I was on vacation this weekend and obviously I’m way behind on my posts. I’ve got at least 2-3 reviews to write, plus the weekly bios. I’ll get the bio for today up tonight, but until then I’m afraid you’ll have to amuse yourselves. I’m not even sure whose bio it is right now…in the meantime, feel free to join or strike up a conversation in the Poester Gallery.

Toy Aisle Trolls > 2-Pack Shaker

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT Also, please note: I’m deliberately being over-the-top with my condemnation of these people–I don’t actually wish bodily harm upon them. Just severe mental anguish.

Poester MysteryD8 isn’t gonna let them cover this one up:

This was on the shelf of the west Knoxville TRU in TN. It was after I snapped the picture that I saw a SECOND swapped set. This one had the purple half of the 200x sword, while the other one had the maroon half. I figure it was the same scammer, so he gave up two 200x figures and one full sword for two of the MOTUC TRU Skeletors. Lame.

I’m tempted to suggest this might be intended as some form of commentary on how the Millennium line is supposedly superior to MOTUC, but I’m sure the guy is just a common thief. No, not an exceptional thief, just a common thief.

On a side note, my puns in these things’ titles are getting worse.

Spy Monkey Creations announces the Dark Arsenal of the Space Pirate

I know a lot of you have been interested in Spy Monkey Creations stuff, but have held off for one reason or another. Well, I predict many of you are about to cave in like a Twinkie with no filling:

That’s right. New arm attachments for Trap Jaw, from right out of the cartoon. And not only that, you also get a hilt for the sword/swatter and a handle for the energy bow, so any figure can use them. Oh, and you can get silver versions for the upcoming Roboto. Yeah, you know you already want to know when you canorder these. Read on.

Pic of the Day

Plastic Army

Plastic Army by M double U

Prince Adam DID have a back holster for the sword

(Click for a much larger version)

Many fans have lamented the lack of a sword holster on Prince Adam’s back. It seemed odd to me that the Horsemen wouldn’t include the holster, so I asked them about it and they sent me this image of the paint-master. As you can see, the holster was there. The Horsemen say it must have been removed during production; they don’t know why.

This does seem to contradict this statement by Toyguru, but to be VERY clear, I have no idea what the story is or whether Toyguru ever saw this prototype pic. The facts as we know them are that Horsemen did sculpt the holster, and it was evidently removed during production–whether by factory error or as a choice by Mattel, I don’t know.

Review > Outer Space Men Alpha Waves 1 & 2 (SDCC Exclusive)

I had intended to write up a basic introduction to Glyos before writing this review, but life gets busy and for one reason or another, I was never able to get around to it. Mea culpa. You’ll recall I did a two-part interview (part 1, part 2) with Onell Design founder and Glyos creator Matt Doughty a few months back, after the announcement of the Four Horsemen‘s acquiring of the Outer Space Men license and the news that the figures would incorporate Onell Design’s “Fit Function” joint system, making them entirely compatible with all Glyos figures.

So I didn’t get around to that introduction to Glyos, but as often seems to happen these days, NoisyDVL5 over at took the initiative. Check out his article to find out what Glyos is all about, then come on back for my review.

Great Newbury Comics gift certificate deal

I know a lot of you Poesters are Mass. residents, so I thought I’d pass along this promotion by WRKO: $40 Newbury Comics gift certificates for $20. You can only order online, so it’ll cost you $24 with the shipping, but it’s still free money.  Free money that has to be spent at Newbury Comics, but I know I’ll definitely be spending at least $20 at Newbury anyway within the next couple of months.

They’re going to run out soon, though, so if you want one, order now.

MOTUC Bio Discussion #18 > Adora

Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion!

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