Prince Adam DID have a back holster for the sword

(Click for a much larger version)

Many fans have lamented the lack of a sword holster on Prince Adam’s back. It seemed odd to me that the Horsemen wouldn’t include the holster, so I asked them about it and they sent me this image of the paint-master. As you can see, the holster was there. The Horsemen say it must have been removed during production; they don’t know why.

This does seem to contradict this statement by Toyguru, but to be VERY clear, I have no idea what the story is or whether Toyguru ever saw this prototype pic. The facts as we know them are that Horsemen did sculpt the holster, and it was evidently removed during production–whether by factory error or as a choice by Mattel, I don’t know.


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  1. thrawn

    RM wrote:

    They don’t have plans to RETOOL adult Adam. Which is entirely different from re-releasing.

    My point was that he sold out and turned a profit. They should have immediate plans to correct the issue for re-release. There was a lot of weak phrasing in that statement.

  2. RM

    @Thrawn: They don't have plans to RETOOL adult Adam. Which is entirely different from re-releasing.

    Heck, they'd have to re-release He-Ro before Adam anyway, and seeing as that hasn't happened, then we can safely assume that an Orko (with Adam) release is a year or two away anyhow.

    Besides, TG does say "I know this is a miss but I’m sure one day we can get around to correcting it, just no plans to announce right now."

    Which is safe speak for "We'll fix it on the 2nd go, but we don't know when exactly that will be…"

  3. Thrawn

    We don’t have plans to re-tool an adult Adam right now,

    He sold out, why don't you have plans?

    if the stars line up, we’d love to correct this one day.

    If? You'd love to? Somebody screwed up and this needs to be fixed on the future release.

    There are too many ifs and maybes in that response to my liking.

    I respect Toyguru for giving us a truthful answer, mistakes happen that's fine. But there doesn't seem to be a very big impetus to correct the mistake though. Maybe that's only my interpretation though.

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