Joe Amaro’s Robot Knights

Customizer extraordinaire Joe Amaro has created some amazing customs of Skeletor’s “Robot Knights” (sounds like a bad BSG spinoff) from the Filmation cartoon. Visit his site for more pics. Says Joe:

These are complete new sculpts that are fully articulated. The head turns, the shoulders are swivel joints and the elbows are ball joints. Plus they have removable shoulder pads and the hands can interchanged with various weapons like a laser gun, saw blade and a mace. I also sculpted a new stand for him as the current stands would make him too high.

You may or may or may not remember the Robot Knights, Skeletor’s favorite cannon fodder, so here’s a refresher:

I for one would love to see these in MOTUC, but of course, they originated in Filmation and never had a toy, so that ain’t happening.


Pic of the Day


Poest Office > Rhapsody in Light Blue (plus: figure stands)


  1. Thomas B

    i wish i had a fleet of these things.

  2. Frogster

    I wonder if he plans on selling these.

  3. jackstatic

    Simply Amazing…. i want like 3 🙁

  4. These are fantastic!!!

  5. Dead Man Walking

    Sorry, but the robot knights are one of those goofy, lazy designs that are incongruous with the aesthetic of MOTU. I.e like throwing a cheap '50s robot into the weird world of MOTU.

  6. Frogster

    Wow! I have seen several people do different versions of these, and so far these are the best. Amaro rocks!

  7. Quick, someone email this to Matty. These would be a great two-pack for the line, though weren't they Hordac's robot's to begin with?

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