New MOTUC packaging reveals: TRU 2-packs, Shadow Beast, Weapons Pack #2

Where have I been, you ask? Busy! Working on getting more content up.

Anyway, in the meantime here are some cool pics of the new upcoming Weapons Pack, the Shadow Beast, and the new TRU 2-packs, all courtesy of member TokyoNever, who got them from “a Turkish contact” that he/she “met on YouTube.” Huh.

Click any pic for a larger version.

Here’s the Shadow Beast bio:

Shadow Beast
Real name: Varies
Great ape-like beasts who live in tribes throughout the dark hemisphere. Shadow Beasts can only come out in the absence of light. Originally created by Count Marzo, as a weapon to use against his enemies, the beasts were driven back by Prince Keldor and Randor and forced to reside in the shadow of Mount Barathrum. There they developed a long standing hatred of both the Human and Gar race. Easily manipulated, the ever growing colony of Beasts was later controlled by Beast Man in the service of Skeletor to take down Eternos Palace. With their great strength and stealth-like appearance, Shadow Beasts are more than a match for most heroic warriors!

My thoughts:

  • I’m sure a lot of people are going to say, “What’s with the art on the 2-packs?” but I think they were going for a 1980s MOTU minicomic/Curt Swan vibe. Viewed from that perspective, I think the Aquaman/Stratos pack is fine, but there’s no excuse for that Mer-Man with the goofy sword and, oh yeah, he’s green. The whole point of the new figure is that he’s blue. They got the Stratos colors right. I’m still not sure if I’ll be getting either of these…I had hoped for a more teal Mer-Man, not a Faker-blue one.
  • Lots to say on the Shadow Beast bio, but we’ll get to that when the time comes.


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Pic of the Day


  1. PrfktTear

    @Scott: That may be true, but the way I read to take down Eternos Palace. it reads as if they were successful in doing so. Plus, don't we know from other bios that the "Masters" end up getting ousted and She-Ra & Co. have to come help out? Maybe I'm getting my bios muddled though.

  2. Dlia

    Light Blue Mer-Man repaint looks good. One of my favorites in the entire line continues to rock!

    Cool custom fodder for the customizers out there. We know they can stretch the imagine and have a clear mandate outside of "no 200X policies" ;D

    "no Kulatak for you!"

  3. Scott


    I think you're reading too much into this part:

    …controlled by Beast Man in the service of Skeletor to take down Eternos Palace: Okay, this is cool… so at some point Skeletor is going to attack the Palace… and SUCCEED!!! Excellent! "

    Skeletor used all sorts of creatures that served him to take down Eternos Palace on the old series. It doesn't mean they were successful.

  4. Heli

    @dean: When that Aquaman was released way back in DCUC 2, he had his biceps on the wrong arms. Looks like the two pack version is keeping that error.

    If you're buying that pack, look carefully; the first DCUC Aquaman I got had two of the same forearm, too. I guess the scales make it harder to tell what part goes where.

  5. PrfktTear

    I'm looking at those cardback pics on a much better screen now too, and I still think they look great! Way to go, Matty!

    I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet, but it appears to say that they're including a poster of some sorts? It says it on the bottom, but the words are cut off a bit.

    @Andrew: Not even the repainted Trap Jaw parts? I think the Faker axe and shield alone are worth the price of admission, but the Whiplash spear repainted gold for Randor and the Trap Jaw parts are money. Also looking forward to finally having a proper perch for Zoar!

  6. dean

    Dangit Matty. I'm loving these two packs, but why does Aquaman have a left bicep for his right upper arm? It's also warped by the way its posed.

    Please get the QC under control and I'll buy these for sure.

  7. that aquaman pack looks great!! hawkman is my 2nd favorite DC character, but i already have that toy and who needs two straoses? (stratii?) not me.

    i'm behind anyway. shadowbeast looks cool but i don't know if i have the room for him.

    poe, it's good to see some posts, i hope you're doing well.

  8. AmericanHyena


    Really? Not even the perch for Zoar?

    Honestly, in the case of the Auqaman/Mer-Man set, I’m actually buying it for the DC figure for once. Had they done the other head for Mer-Man I would have wanted both since I display regular Mer-Man with the modern head.

    But yeah, that Aquaman has been missing from my shelf for years. I have the variant but I want him real bad.

    I didn’t think I’d want that Stratos, but seeing him in package I really really do.

  9. misterbigbo

    I take it back now that I've seen these cardback pics on a screen larger than my phone; that's some crappy intentionally nostalgic fluff there. Way to blow it Matty.

  10. Andrew

    Man I want that orange axe and shield for Faker but none of those other weapons. :/

  11. Thrawn


    Unless I'm mistaken, Merman doesn't come with an extra head. The TRU two packs are barebones on accessories.

    I prefer the cardback head he's sporting in the two pack, but it's unfortunate for those that prefer the vintage one.

  12. PrfktTear

    @Newt: Haha… Yeah, its sad but true. I hope most of the first two batches get bought up with the Christmas rush. Maybe some Dads who don't normally venture into TRU's will be out shopping, scope 'em out, and buy 'em up either for themselves or their kids.

    I need another Hawkman like I need a hole in my head, but I may end up succumbing to the temptation of that Stratos… with the delicious blue wings…

    @FakeEyes: If this was Facebook, I would totally *like* that! 😉

  13. FakeEyes22

    Buying it all. Can't help myself.

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