Blame for Roboto shoulders? Not the factory.

Or at least, not the factory workers who assembled him.

In what actually isn’t a surprise to me at all, it turns out Roboto was not assembled incorrectly. The blame lies with whoever is responsible for putting the “L” and “R” on the shoulders. The shoulders were incorrectly labeled. (Note: that pic is of a fan-fixed Roboto, so the shoulder is actually on the correct side.)

Thanks to poster Skeletortilla for the news.


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  1. Snarf! Snarf!

    Guys, CHILL! Remember that the style of High Standards in QC have been retired. MOTUC is a new style on its own…

    Seriously though I missed Roboto due to personal issues (and Logistics) but with the whole Goddess 2.0 issues that have been happening I'm kinda glad I did miss him. (For breakability issues… Still, I kinda want one.)

    Cracked Torsos appearing so soon is something that SHOULDN'T be happening at all.

  2. Mose

    @Poe: The gap doesn't look as large as when the shoulders are backwards. The other shoulder looks like the other shoulders in this line.

  3. Heli

    That cracked torso must be caused by bad joint assembly, just like the Goddess figures that crumble to dust. It couldn't possibly be an issue with the clear plastic Mattel uses.

  4. dayraven

    @FakeEyes22: dude, i'd argue for a new one… as you say, the shoulders are forgivable, as they work, they just don't look right… but a cracked torso is a no-more-roboto scenario waiting to happen

  5. Arch


    Thanks Poe, I'll give it a shot!

  6. Poe

    P.S. It had to happen. Meet the guy whose Roboto's shoulders were "accidentally" assembled correctly.

    Still a big biceps gap on the left side, though.

  7. Poe

    @Arch: I think I can help with the faceplate, at least. If you very carefully grasp an edge of the faceplate, you can pull each side off the peg–just make sure the peg itself isn't bending, stretching or tearing–and then pop the faceplate right back on the pegs, and it'll work perfectly. I had the same problem with what appeared to be the peg bending, and taking the faceplate off and then putting it back on fixed it right up.

  8. Lovable-Bill

    I got mine today, and honestly the shoulders on mine were just fine. If I didn't know they were switched around, I never would have noticed. The only real issue with mine is the massive bobble head action he has going on.

  9. Arch

    I'm pretty upset with the QC on Roboto. There are blue plastic bits inside his clear torso, so he looks like a rattle. His face-guard is stuck and it looks like it will rip the connection pegs out of his face if I try to move the joint. All three of his hand attachments are all bent up. I mean seriously, I'm paying $30 for a "adult collectible" and this is what I get? I am going to call the customer service line for a replacement cause this is intolerable. I love this toyline and the MOTU property, but after this and the She-Ra debacle I got a few months ago, I really am having second thoughts about that subscription I ordered.

  10. RM

    It's things like this that make me wish that there was a "re-issue sub".

    One that got you everything, but the 2nd run of everything, not the first (FUBAR) ones.

  11. monkey boy

    good thing they cost so much!

  12. FakeEyes22


    I just opened my Roboto this very minute! This is the fastest arrival yet!

    The paint looks decent, the lighter purple on the waist piece is off center, which kinda bugs me.

    The best part is the CRACK in his goddamn torso! Right at waist! It's a diagonal line that stretches across the ab section!

    Now, the shoulders were irritating on priciple, but this is absolute shit. I'm seeing quite a few like this, so I don't know if I should open it or if it's worth the Russian Roulette I'll be playing with a potential replacement.

    In person, I think the figure looks awesome, but the crack it only going to get bigger. It's the type of damage that's acceptible in the windshield of a vintage Star Wars or G.I.Joe vehicle you find at a garage sale. I almost feel like opening it to discover what further insult awaits me inside.

  13. Dead Man Walking

    Darkspecter: Skeletortilla…does your Roboto have a large crack on his torso? :hmeek:

    Skeletortilla: Yep. That's why I Frankensteined that one. He also has some chunky dirt or something stuck in the paint all over his head, and his left leg is missing the knee pin.

    Now THAT'S quality! I'm debating if I want to spend half an hour on the phone with some guy in India trying to get a replacement.


  14. Monkey boy

    I don't think its the 4h's responsibility to stamp the L and R into the pegs for figure assembly. More likely its whoever is responsible for approving the final molds. So it may be actually MORE mattels fault than previously thought, as most people originally thought the factory had screwed up. Eating crow is not something that usually occurs in mattel related screw ups, as Mattel is usually squarely to blame. Oh, and toyguru pretty much said "its our fault" in the smarmiest way possible. Likewise, even in the unlikely event that the 4H sculpted everything right and then stamped their own sculpt backwards, mattel is still responsible for releasing the final product. So I don't think much crow will be passed around in the end.

    My personal take, I still don't think this is a huge issue, though that may be biased by my lack of investment in the MOTUC line.

  15. Mysterious Stranger

    That sound you hear is Matty laughing at everyone that blamed them for assembling the shoulders wrong.

    I wonder if this is a 4 Horsemen responsibility or the person that does the actual tooling. If its the Horsemen then everyone that complained and cursed Matty should be ready for giant heaping helping of crow.

    Regardless of how it happened though its something that could have been avoided but wasn't, most likely due to lack of or mis-communication.

  16. Poe

    @dayraven: He did. It's in one of the Roboto threads…it's very involved, including drilling holes in the torso and so forth.

  17. Monkey boy

    Whose job is it to actually do this? It seems like the blame suddenly goes from a bunch of anonymous underpaid workers just doing their job to possibly one specific guy who screwed up. I mean possibly. I don't know who's responsible for stamping the molds to say L and R.

  18. dayraven

    he didn't detail how he swapped out the shoulders, did he?

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