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Since I now have a working relationship with Spy Monkey Creations, I’m not going to do a “review” of the Dark Arsenal of the Space Pirate set. Instead, I’ll just say a few words about it, and then let you check out the photos.

There are five pieces to the set: the “energy bow,” the sword, the fly swatter, a sword-style hilt, and a “blaster” handle. All of the attachments–as well as Trap Jaw’s own attachments–can be plugged into the hilt/handle to create independent weapons, allowing for some awesome accessories for both Trap Jaw and Kronis. They even have hooks so you can hang them from Trap Jaw’s belt.

All three of the new attachments are inspired by the Filmation cartoon, as you can see on this page of He-Man.org. They’re not identical to the Filmation versions–for copyright reasons–but they definitely can be considered “Classics-ized” versions of them.

I particularly like making Trap Jaw’s blaster rifle into a hand-held one for Kronis. I imagine this could have been Kronis’s favorite weapon, and after he lost his arm and got the prosthetic one, he adapted the rifle for the robotic arm.

This is the best product yet from Spy Monkey Creations. Let’s put it this way: I was almost as excited for this as I was for Gygor. If you’d like to order your own set, go here.

I haven’t received the silver version of the weapons yet, the Tools of the Master Strategist (which are intended for Roboto), but I should have them in a few weeks.

And now, on to the pics. Click on any of them for a larger version.


Any questions for Mattel?


Roboto’s shoulders are on backwards


  1. bmnbinc

    what i appreciate here is the workmanship..dunn't matter if its slightly offscale..or the right angles aint maintained..it just makes Trappy probably the most versatile AF from MOTUC line until now..

  2. Dead Man Walking

    @dayraven: Detail is not the problem, the rough sculpt is. The gun's barrel angles up, the flyswatter isn't square.

    I have no interest in buying these and modding them–not worth my time and money.

  3. dayraven

    @Dead Man Walking: you do know these can withstand additional tooling, right? so if you think you can etch in more detailing than SMC already puts into the piece, you can do that.

  4. PrfktTear

    I ordered these as well, I can definitely attest to the great workmanship and the high quality of these accessories.

    The scimitar with hilt, fly swatter, and blaster are all great, but the chef d'oeuvre is the energy bow. Its basically the ONLY accessory I wanted in addition to the vintage parts and the main reason why I ordered this set.

    I only have one minor nitpick, but its mainly due to the sculpt of Trap Jaw’s hand. The sword hilt and the blaster only fit the Kronis right hand snugly, the left arm that remains with Trap Jaw doesn’t have a tight enough grip. This is due to no fault of Spy Monkey, and I think if the blaster had been sculpted. This can be easily resolved if you can live with a swapped arm (i.e. cannon left arm, blue arm right arm). I may try to heat the hand and see if I can get it to hold the weapons better.

    If Matty ever releases a Filmation accurate Trap Jaw with the red legs, cannon arm, and accessories, I would most definitely buy these again just to have that look.

  5. Dead Man Walking

    I guess I can see why people are so excited about these, but the sculpt seems to imprecise, and the final product too "soft," to appeal to me.

  6. Mysterious Stranger

    This was my first Spy Monkey Creations purchase and it was totally worth the price. My favorites are the blade and the bow. I do wish they would have painted the blade edge in that metallic blue that matches the others though. As is it looks a bit plain. But its nice to have an arsenal for Trap-Jaw. Between this set and what's coming in the 2nd weapons pack he'll be armed to the teeth.

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