New PGPoA Exclusive: The Sword of Ages!

For millennia, one of the most honored and  feared weapons of humanity has been the sword. There have been many famous swords–Excalibur, Durandal, Anduril, the Power Sword, the Sword of Omens, the Master Sword–but The Sword of Ages is not one of these. It is the sword of the footman, the mercenary, the knight errant. A simple blade, functional, reliable, easily replicated…but to its owners, indispensable.

Designed by Poe Ghostal himself and produced by Spy Monkey Creations, the hilt is made from gold plastic and the blade is a separate silver piece. Intended for your 6″-7″ fantasy action figures, the Sword of Ages will look good with almost any figure. It can be carried by medieval knights, heroic barbarians, three-eyed interdimensional mercenaries, or any other figure you choose.

The Sword of Ages will be available at Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition in late November, at a price of $7 per sword. The golden-hilted Sword will be exclusive to, but Spy Monkey Creations will be offering alternative colorways some time after the Sword goes on sale (but not for at least a month or two). Feel free to post suggestions for other colorways in the comments.

Oh, and as for the contest–the big winner is Poester FakeEyes22. The only other correct guess was made by Paddy Fitz, who won the last contest himself (and was eligible to win this contest–the coin flip simply came down in FakeEyes22’s favor). FakeEyes22 will receive a free Sword of Ages once they start shipping.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the sword!


Any questions for Mattel?


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  1. The Goon

    Gotta get at least 3…. so far.

  2. bmnbinc

    @Poe…this is an excellent addition to the custom weapons..

    how about coming up with a hammer, the kind that Steel looks great with BAHM, but seems a little small for his size..

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