Green Lantern Movie Figures Previews

Toys R Us is offering this 3 3/4″ preview figure of the movie Green Lantern on their website, due to ship February 25.

The packaging and the stand are pretty nice, but why can’t Mattel seem to make a decent 3 ¾” figure?

Meanwhile, some pics of the movie Tomar Re have popped up. Not sure yet whether this is the 6″-scale Movie Masters figure or another 3 ¾” figure, but my hunch says 6″.


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  1. Man, Mattel really can't do CGI type figures.

  2. Darren

    WOW the GL preview figure is a disappointment. A figure with a sculpt like this may have been OK back in the early 90's but it definitely isn't now! I've been a huge Green Lantern Dork since I was a kid. If this is what Mattel has to offer I'm going to pass. I'm sorry Mattel but Hasbro has raised the bar higher than you can jump (in 3" scale). Mattel needs to catch up or get out of the 3" market.

  3. Zach

    Wow, what trash…I know Hasbro's the kings of the 3 3/4" scale, but how hard is it for Mattel to at least make an attempt to replicate how they make their figures?

  4. So, after the disaster known as DC Infinite Heroes, Mattel's trying to get into the 3 3/4" market with the Green Lantern movie? And still fails to create proper articulation?

  5. Monte

    That waist joint is straight out of the '80s. What an ugly toy.

  6. These look pretty bad, but Tomar-Re looks horrible in the movie too. Instead of looking like a bird-chicken-man, he looks like a dead fish.

  7. FakeEyes22

    I don't think the Hal Jordan looks bad. It seems similar to the 3 3/4 Avatar stuff, which also didn't seem awful to me, just very average. I'll have to see better pics. The suit's texture seems to be very exaggerated so it shows up at this scale.

    Now what does make this set seem pretty cool, and much closer to worth the $25, is what looks like a wearable film-accurate ring inside the stand. If that's the case, it seems fun for a huge GL fan.

    Tomar Re seems to have ball jointed wrists, so I'll say he looks like a 6" figure with a disappointing 3 3/4" appropriate deco. He'll probably look better in person.

  8. jackstatic

    is it me or does toma-re look like he has ball jointed elbows and knees?

  9. toyman2581


    I like it too. I guess you and I are the only ones interested. That's a shame too because I think the line has great potential if done right. I'm seeing snap-on constructs and light-up features galore. Speaking of which, this is only a preview fig so I'm not passing judgement until I see carded goods on the peg.

    Then again, I'm a sucker for anything GL so I may convince myself it's great even if it's crap anyway.

  10. AmericanHyena

    Well…I was hoping that the G'Hu figure that comes in GL Classics 2 would at least KINDA fit in with the DCUC style (since we'll have to get it for the BAF piece) but this pretty much dashes any hopes of that.

  11. RageTreb

    Are you implying that 3 3/4" figure isn't decent? It has the hip joints of a 6" figure and looks pretty nice. I'd say this is a vast improvement over their last attempt.

  12. Demonicfirefly

    as much as i love green lantern, i cant see myself buying these. They look pretty ugly. Tomar looks similar to the avatar figures.Makes me wonder if were getting a movie master scale with this line.

    As long as they continue green lantern classics Ill be happy.

  13. Mecha-Shiva


    The 3.75 Deathstroke had great poseability,why didn't they go with that body?Sucks that he had no weapons,tho.

  14. Mysterious Stranger

    There is an ebay auction for that Tomar Re figure and it claims the figure is 6".

  15. Motorthing

    Pure dreck – that GL turd is up for $25 – and for that price you might expect more than 6 POA. Couldn't care less about Tomar, I wont be bothering with the line on the back of this.

    And yes, I quite agree Poe – what the heck is it with Matty that they cannot go study a Joe or a decent MU figure for a week and figure out just what it takes to make a decent 3.75 figure these days? It shouldn't be rocket science with the 4H in their back pocket but obviously it is……

  16. Tomar Re has the swivel/hinge hips indicative of DCUC, but his knees/abs look like the ball joints on Marvel Universe figures.

    Not 100% sure, but it looks like he's about 5" tall, probably intended to be in scale with the 3.75" humans (just like with the Avatar figures).

    It's a little odd: Tomar's human-sized in the comics. Either they're making him larger, or he's just a strange-looking 6" figure.

    I'll probably pick these up when Conway unloads them at $2.99.

  17. Mecha-Shiva


    Now that you mentioned it,it is now an Oan GL prison playset!

  18. dayraven

    firstly, is it just co-incidence that tomar re now looks like he hails from Pandora? i don't think so…

    and again, just like when i saw the pics of reynolds in the suit, i don't understand the new anime hyper detailed textured on the suit… it looks too busy.

    and the package… i'm not sure why, but it looks oppressive. the figure looks like he's trapped in a black chasm… he's not in the phantom zone is he? i just feel like there's better ways they could have packaged him to look like the master of the blister, rather than a victim of the box prison.

  19. Fengschwing

    I'm a sucker for all things DC but I'll pass on these. Ugh.

  20. Mecha-Shiva

    Packaging looks nice like the Old X-men movie 1 toys with the embossed X-sign but would rather have constructs than stands.His painted on energy crackles on his body looks cheap,they could have made a clip on energy crackle like what the Ironman figures had for energy blasts.

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