Green Lantern Movie Figures Previews

Toys R Us is offering this 3 3/4″ preview figure of the movie Green Lantern on their website, due to ship February 25.

The packaging and the stand are pretty nice, but why can’t Mattel seem to make a decent 3 ¾” figure?

Meanwhile, some pics of the movie Tomar Re have popped up. Not sure yet whether this is the 6″-scale Movie Masters figure or another 3 ¾” figure, but my hunch says 6″.


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Happy 2011!


  1. Dankone

    Hmmm… I'm still having issues with the sparkly suit with energy arcs. I see these to be the Avatar Figures of 2011. Overpriced then peg cloggers. Later to be clearanced at Ross, etc.

    Why can't Mattel just give up on the rolling out two separate scales at the same time? Sheesh… It didn't do them any good with Avatar. I guess they will never learn!

  2. Supermanjunkie78

    That 3 3/4″ figure is just WRONG!! What is this DCIH 1st wave all over again? This is how a 3 3/4" figure should be… anything less is just Mattel a waste of time, materials and $$$!

    Please do the character justice!! Whether it may be in 3 3/4" scale or awesome 6"!

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