Great interview w/ customizer Rupert Valero at IH

I’m sure some of you have already seen the amazing work of Army customizer Rupert Valero, currently serving in Afghanistan. Newton Gimmick of Infinite Hollywood has a great interview up with PFC Valero. Go read it. Then check out Valero’s Flickr feed for more pics of his customs.

I was considering getting in touch with Mr. Valero, but after Newt’s in-depth interview I’m not sure there’s anything else to cover…


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  1. dayraven

    my wife is a military brat, and i showed this to her and made sure to read her the paragraph about him painting the heart on the toys he gives away that are shared emblems on the 101st airborne helmets, and she started crying. this cat is a genius, and the entire military should be looking to him as an example of how you win the hearts of a population.

    not to mention, he's recycling, and so, the greenies out there should likewise be carrying this young man on their shoulders.

  2. Brad Rader

    I'm just blown away by this. There are barely words that describe how much love this is full of and how inspiring it is. Thanks Rupert for your resounding contribution to the world.

  3. FakeEyes22

    I really consider this guy an artist.

    That is pure imagination, resourcefulness, and immense creativity right there.

  4. Thanks for the coverage! Rupert should be an inspiration for us all.

  5. dayraven

    great interview!! and what an imaginative customizer! cool stuff baby!

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