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Joe Amaro has been a fixture of the action figure community for years. Not only is he the Director of Product Development for Jazwares, but you’ve seen his customs in ToyFare magazine going all the way back to the 200X He-Man days. More recently, he’s been producing some of the most mouthwatering MOTUC customs you can imagine, including Skeletor’s Robot Knights, his Bone Throne, and of course, the amazing Castle Grayskull.

Today, Joe has graciously given PGPoA the exclusive reveal of his latest custom: MOTUC Ram-Man!

Here’s what Joe had to say about the process of making the figure:

The original idea was to use the DC Universe Kilowog as the base and try to keep as much of his proportions possible. But as I progressed and studied Ram-Man, it became obvious that I could not. Ram-Man is more stocky and more square. So I went with a mix of the vintage back art, the vintage toy and little of the 2002 version.

The main element that I wanted him to have was to be huge! I wanted him to look like a massive battering ram that would be used to breakdown castle doors. Plus I know when Matty makes him he will be a lot smaller.

In the end I only used some articulation points from Kilowog, mainly the arms, although I did bulk up his arms using Magic Sculpt. Other than that, it is an all-original sculpt using Sculpey and mainly Magic Sculpt.


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  1. BumblebeeZ3

    Awesome work! I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

    For some reason his proportions make me think of J2 from Marvel's M2 continuity.

  2. As I said over on the org, I love the sculpt and the design. My issue is that the height makes him look like he's a figure from a different MOTU line that was done in a larger scale, much like the 200X rotocast figures. But I'd love to get something exactly like that at maybe 7"-7.5" tall.

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