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[toc title=”Table of Contents” class=”toc-left”] It’s been over a year since the release of Battle Armor He-Man, and at long last, his flesh-challenged counterpart has his own Masters of the Universe Classics version.

Despite the fact that the 1980s Filmation He-Man cartoon existed primarily to sell toys, neither He-Man nor Skeletor ever appeared on the show in their battle armor. The armor was often featured in other media, such as posters, magazines and comics, and the figures were two of the most popular guises of the characters (some fans prefer them to the “regular” versions).

I suspect the reason for the absence of Battle Armor on the show is because it would have cost money to animate. Although, it also occurs to me Filmation could have just created a separate armor cel and placed it over the chest part of the character cel–but maybe that wouldn’t work. I’m no animator.



The figure is wearing the two-slash plate, which is probably the most interesting one to go with, yet I suspect many MOC fans would have preferred the unblemished plate.

Design & Sculpt

As with any MOTUC figure who had a vintage figure in the 1980s, Battle Armor Skeletor is closely based upon that version. The Battle Armor variants are fondly remembered by fans today for their unique action feature: when struck, the chest spun on a wheel to show increasing amounts of damage. There were three settings: no damage, one slash, and two slashes.

Adding the spinning feature would have been (we’re told) prohibitively expensive to produce in MOTUC, so to replicate the look if not the action of the feature, MOTUC Skeletor features three interchangeable chest plates. The chest armor is relatively easy to remove (easier than Battle Armor He-Man, at any rate), and the plates can be popped in and out without trouble.

Aside from the armor, there’s absolutely no new parts on this figure. It’s notable that, to match the vintage figure, he has a furry loincloth rather than the leather version his standard figure comes with. Because the MOTUC furry loincloth doesn’t taper into the groin like the vintage version, I don’t get the “Skeletor wearing a leotard” vibe from this figure that I did from the vintage fig.

Plastic & Paint

There are two things to comment on regarding Skeletor’s paint applications. The first is his face. The Skeletor paint apps have varied from cartoonish (Lex Luthor vs. Skeletor) to heavily washed (the Mo-Larr version). This figure’s face has thicker paint for a more classic, cartoonish look. On a side note, some fans recommended using the tooth-less Mo-Larr head for a battle-damaged Skeletor, and I have to admit it’s pretty cool (check out my last pic).

The other interesting thing is the feet. Fans requested that Battle Armor Skeletor’s feet be colored purple to match his vintage card art, and Mattel complied. Some fans suggested using the Hordak feet instead, and I think that would have looked much more badass, but…ah well.


Skeletor features the usual MOTUC articulation: ball joints at the shoulders and hips, hinge joints at the elbows, knees, ankles and abdomen, and swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist and calves. The “rocker” ankle joints are excellent, with a great range of motion, and all of my figure’s joints are tight.


The vintage Battle Armor Skeletor came with his sword and Havoc Staff. Since we’ve already gotten those accessories with the regular Skeletor as well as Mo-Larr, Mattel again listened to fans and gave us a purple version of the He-Man axe. This may annoy some of the purists, but I’m very happy to get it–it gives BA Skel a unique weapon, and the axe better fits the brutal combat one imagines between BA He-Man and Skeletor. (On another side note–check out this neat custom “Diamond Ray of Disappearance”-style axe.)

Of course, he also has the interchangeable plates.

Quality Control

No problems. No, really!


Battle Armor Skeletor was a given from the moment we got Battle Armor He-Man. I’m more a fan of the “regular” versions than I am the BA versions, but they’re both fun figures. Some extra touches, such as another accessory of some sort, or using the Hordak feet, would have made him a bit better, but overall he’s a slightly-above-average entry in the line.

I’ve been using BA He-Man to ride Battle Cat, and BA Skeletor is destined to sit astride Panthor come next month.

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Filmation Shadow Beast mock-up


Pic of the Day > Night Raven by cradea2


  1. thrawn

    That last pic of maximum damaged BA Skelly was very cool Poe.

    I like the purple axe, but I find it unacceptable that for a $20 figure I couldn't get one more weapon. Skeletor should always come with his Havoc staff. NO EXCEPTIONS. It's like selling Darth Vader without a lightsaber.

    I can't believe that a Havoc staff would have busted the budget. I'd rather not have spent money on Vikor and gotten the Havoc staff. I mean, Vikor has a newly sculpted right bicep with a nonremovable armband correct? Why? What was the point?

    Anyway, Battle Armor Skeletor is one of my favorite Skelly variant, and I love the metallic purple paint in this figure.

    BA Skelly is one of the best figures in the line I think. So cool.

    And yes…he should have absolutely come with the Hordak feet. Those have yet to see any reuse.

  2. Mark

    I was tempted to get this figure, but due to cost ad overall lack of interest in MOTUC I decided to keep my money…after reading all the issues I am glad I did not get BA Skeletor.

    I hope the Voltron line doesn't suffer from as many QC issues.

  3. My Skelly had the waist stuck to the point that I was worried about breaking the figure when turning him. Once it popped free though, no more troubles.

  4. Poe

    @ Philip Reed:

    Oh, I know–I just thought they were implying you couldn't get a replacement unless the package had been tampered with.

  5. @ Poe:

    I let them know it was sealed and then I opened the package. The toy was messed up before it was packaged.

  6. Poe

    @ Philip Reed:

    Yikes…yeah, it looks like your figure was roughed up. Did you go ahead and say the package was open?

  7. Poe, good to hear your BA Skeletor was in good shape, but I think mine has enough wrong with it for all of us. Scarred up parts, loose joints, stuck joints, some sloppy paint . . . I seem to have won the jackpot when it comes to craptacular plastic.

    Pics or it didn't happen? Okay, pics:

    What's really annoying is that I love the design. It's just that I got an especially bad figure. And Matty Collector's e-mail to me boiled down to: Was the package open?

  8. Reverend Ender

    @ dayraven:

    My Ground Sloth did not appreciate your comment, Sir.

  9. Poe

    @ Battle Catman: My figure's waist is a bit sticky–it doesn't move smoothly–but it doesn't seem like it's as bad as you're describing. That may not be the case for everyone, obviously.

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