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Here’s my story about My Buddy. As a young kid I always wanted one of these–not sure why, I wasn’t lonely or anything, never had a desire for a brother. I wanted this mostly until I saw a My Pet Monster, and then I wanted that. But I digress–when I was five or six, my parents found a forgotten My Buddy just laying on the street somewhere. It was in decent condition except the head was a bit loose. My mom fixed it up and, despite my protests, gave it to Goodwill. I think it was intended to be some sort of lesson to me at the time, I don’t know. Anyway, I never did get a My Buddy.

Honestly, my favorite part of this ad is the ABC bumper at the beginning…I must have seen that a thousand times over the years. I miss those Saturday morning cartoon blocks. They seem to have gone the way of the dodo, thanks largely to the rise of all-day kids’ programming on cable channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.


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  1. MummaGhostal

    I have noooo recollection of stopping on the side of the road and saving a little lost My Buddy! Maybe some misty water-color memories, but nothing solid. I was never into dolls myself, and while Poe's sister certainly had one dutifully given to her by Santa each year,I never really played with it with her.It's much easier for me to see a kid with a pet monster than one of those life-sized look-alikes.

    However, if I DID have one of those- Barbecue 17 definitely had the right idea what to do with it-even accidentally!

  2. Poe

    @ Barbecue17: That's hilarious! What a great story.

  3. Here's my Buddy story since everyone is sharing. I also wanted a My Buddy. My parents eventually got me one, except it wasn't a real My Buddy.

    It was an off brand one. It had a cookie that fit into a pocket labeled COOKIE on it. It was also attached by a string.

    The cookie looked soooooo tasty. I always wanted to eat a cookie that looked like that cookie.

    Anyone know the doll I'm talking about? It was clearly supposed to be My Buddy, but was different enough to not be illegal. The cookie thing is perhaps the most distinguishing feature.

    I never really knew the difference nor did I care back then.

  4. Well….I hate the modulation in the "Kid Sister" jingle. I always knew there was something funny about it, even as a kid. Now as an adult, I know that they just sped up the analog tape!

  5. clark

    I remember wanting one of these too, and like you decided My Little Monster was cooler.

    I asked my parents for the little monster one Christmas, and didn't get him. Probably a good thing, because my parents would have been pissed had they spent the money on him, only to find out that all I really wanted was the breakable handcuffs that came with him so I could role play as Superman.

  6. TripleM

    If Child's Play made My Buddy into a horror show, just imagine what a Field Day the Religious Right would have with it! I am sure that Focus on the Family would not approve of My Buddy!

  7. Barbecue17

    Here is my My Buddy story:

    My grandparents bought me a My Buddy when I was very young, so he was actually the same size as me. He could wear my clothes and we actually had similar hair as well. Anyways, when I was very young we were living in a house right off of Lake Michigan. It was very open and long and was built onto the side of a hill near the beach. The kitchen and dining room were one big room and there was an anormous brick staircase that led up to the family room and bed rooms. There was also a large brick railing that overlooked the kitchen.

    One day, my grandmother and my mother were cooking dinner and I was sitting behind the railing with My Buddy, who was wearing my clothes. I was lifting My Buddy up to peak over the railing at my mother and grandmother, but they weren't paying any attention. I then sat my buddy up on the rail. Needless to say, My Buddy slipped….

    He fell about 12-15 feet straight down on a solid kitchen floor. Face down. In my clothes. With shaggy brown hair, just like mine. Not moving. Did My Buddy hate the world so badly? Needless to say, chaos ensued. There was much shouting, screaming, pleas to God, and cries for someone to call an ambulance. Because of the noise, I decided to hide behind the railing, unseen.

    Honestly, I was probably too young to understand what had happened and how I almost put my mother and grandmother in early graves. Ahh, memories!!

  8. nerdbot

    I also miss those old blocks of shows. On Saturday mornings I often find myself sitting down with my breakfast in front of the TV wishing that someone – Boomerang or TV Land or whoever – would recreate the experience with Warner Bros. cartoons, Smurfs, that weird claymation show I can't remember the name of, and whatever else.

    I'm a bit older, so I wasn't into My Buddy. But when I was that age I had a ventriloquist dummy that fit the bill. His name was Lester. (Remember Willie Tyler and Lester?)

  9. PrfktTear

    I had a My Buddy, and as an only child he was a great friend and never left my side. He was put through quite a lot of torture though. There was the episode where I was sitting on the couch with him and there was a lit candle on the table next to me and his hair got a little too close and it required for him to get a little trim. Then there was the time he was beheaded… yes, beheaded. I always had him with me, I even took him to bed (insert jokes here) so his stuffing got kinda squished and his body needed a good cleaning, so he went to the doll hospital i.e. my grandmother’s. She took the head off, washed the cloth body, and re-stuffed him with some new innards; you could say he had an organ transplant.

    I think he was an innocent, albeit creepy children’s toy. The Child’s Play movies didn’t help; Chucky turned something sweet and innocent into something sinister and scary. It was always pretend, I never thought he was “real” or a substitute for a living, breathing friend, it was all just make-believe.

  10. Doc Thomas

    Have you seen Child's Play? I think Mumma Ghostal made the right move..

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