It’s Sy-Klone Day!

Sy-Klone Masters of the Universe Classics

It’s that time again! There hasn’t been a major non-sub item since the Eternian Guards pack in January, so it will be interesting to see how today’s sale tests

I think it was probably a bad idea to have three very high-demand items–the Weapons Rack, Panthor and the reissued Moss Man on the same day–but the fact that it’s happening hardly surprises me.

Here’s the link to the all-in-one page.

On sale today:

Good luck to all, and may CAPTCHA not be your downfall.


Pic of the Day > Sy-Klone by Fanboy30


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  1. Mysterious Stranger

    Got through in under 10 minutes. Ordered another Panthor, 2 weapons racks, 2 sets of stands and a Moss Man to deflock. Now I wait and see how long it takes to get here from the distribution center which is about an hour away.

  2. JediCreeper

    @ misterbigbo:

    me too.. but that really hasn't happened recently except for split shipment figures… looks like waiting an half hour or so might be the way to go

  3. misterbigbo

    It must be something about the web connection here at work, but I keep getting refreshes through all purchasing, shipping, and billing pages for ~40 minutes until it finally fails fatally. Then I open a new window and waltz right through unscathed.

    I'd like to just wait until an hour in to buy, but I am so nervous about the many 5 minutes sell-outs that I'm Pavlovian about the noon EST log-on.

  4. Really surprised that NOTHING has sold out yet.

  5. Am I crazy for finding the $10.55 shipping for a pair of weapons racks OUTRAGEOUS? That's about $1.40 less than the 2 subs we have and 1 Panthor alone probably weighs 4 of the weapons rack. Is USPS really that much?

  6. JediCreeper

    I was finally given enough time to type, and my order went through.. I really just need to start doing things an hour later… few things have been selling out that fast, and it lets us beat the rush

  7. Battle Catman

    A minute WSOD when I first checked in and another minute while proceeding to checkout, but otherwise smooth. Panthor and Moss Man are mine.

  8. Rustin Parr

    indeed – easy enough.

    I just left WSOD up for about 30 minutes, refreshing only thrice. Then about 11:24a CST got in and had no problems after that whatsoever

    Sinestro and Mossman are had.

  9. RM

    3 WSoDs, totalling 12 minutes.

    1 Rack, 1 pack of Stands, and done.

    Not as easy as the Jan sale day, but easy enough.

  10. Nicholai

    Things had gone really well up until the billing screen at which point I've been on WSOD for 10 minutes and I have to leave for an important meeting. Guess I'll have to get Panthor at some later reissue. Should still be able to get Luthor later today. Sad.

  11. Too-Man-E-Faces

    It's WSOD time. *sigh* I really thought these times were past.

  12. JediCreeper

    just got kicked out of billing… back to wsod… matty hates me

  13. americanhyena

    Hrmmm…not sure if it's my computer or something else, but the comment editor doesn't seem to be working.

    Anyhow…as I was going to go on to say. Got in and out in under a minute.

    Hope everyone else is able to get what they want today.

  14. americanhyena

    2 weapons racks and 5 sets of stands. Done.

    That was painless.

  15. JediCreeper

    i am ready for pain…

  16. americanhyena

    I'm curious to see if the stands finally run out today.

    If a lot of other subscription collectors have been doing what I have (specifically waiting for a non-sub item sale day where they're already committed to paying extra shipping) then Matty might see another jump in demand for them.

    I mean, if nothing else, you gotta get a set to be a floor beneath your weapons rack… 😉

  17. FakeEyes22

    I hadn't even considered that a large Panthor demand may gum up trying to buy a Weapons Rack more than the rather easy process for the Guards.

    Good luck everyone, I think it will be fine.

  18. Nicholai

    No longer being in the sub this will be a harrowing experience if I try for Panthor.

  19. misterbigbo

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Digital River, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy credit card and thy broadband connection they comfort me.

  20. The Flash III

    Can't wait to get the Retro Sinestro! Oh wait–I could just go down to Toys R Us and buy 1 of the 7 or so that have been on the shelves for 4 months. Good luck to everyone who is buying.

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