The Real Story Behind 339/1

Obviously, yesterday’s 339/1 figure was a custom. It was created by customizer masterenglish as a commission for me. You can see a gallery of masterenglish’s amazing customs on his DeviantArt page. One of my favorites is “Swamp Chomp,” who would have fit right in to the vintage line.

The above art, by the way, was created by our own MechaShiva. I asked him to create one of those one-panel comics that appeared on the back of the vintage MOTU cards. He tossed in a couple other well-known MOTU knock-offs for good measure. (He also emailed this thing to me the same day I asked for it, using powers mere mortals like me can’t understand.)

Some other tidbits:

  • 339/1’s head is made from the mustache-less Man-At-Arms head. I was surprised no one noticed that. I guess everyone tossed that head in the accessories box like I did.
  • The packaging image was Photoshopped, but not the way you’d think. Masterenglish created an actual insert that said “339/1 – Wrestling Champion,” but when I tried to get 339/1 into the packaging (ME had left the bottom slit open), it wasn’t really working and I was worried I’d scuff the paint. So I took a photo of the empty package, a photo of 339/1 and then used Photoshop to make it look like he was in the package. I thought it worked pretty well–did anyone notice?



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  1. FakeEyes22

    Fantastic work by both artists and a fun review!

    That is some quick turnaround on that bio art. Wow.

    MasterEnglish is excellent as usual. I'm particularly fond of his Dragstor. It's one of the very few customs I've ever seen where I'm not sure the 4H can truly beat it. The scratches that emulate the paint wear of the original are so clever.

    I remember the dollar store being full of old 339 long ago. He managed to be a peg warmer among knock-off level toys!

  2. Dead Man Walking

    I also was well aware of the MAA head. It really made me realize how ugly that head is. His face looks like a pig.

    It was a cool custom, though. I've been wanting to see a 339/1 custom for some time now. In fact I wish Spy Monkey or someone would sculpt a custom head you could purchase to make your own. Although, I'd like it to look older than the MAA head.

  3. I love the card art! Fantastic job MechaShiva!!!

    Man-At-Arms it is! I knew it looked very familiar, but I was banking on Vikor head, but yeah, my moustache-less MAA head has been in the parts container for like forever.

    I was curious about the packaging myself whether it was real or chopped myself. I'm planning on something a little different for a project I'm working on and I think thats exactly what I'm going to do!


  4. JohnnyBoyCivello

    @ Poe: Wow, that's efficient. I have a retired pro customizer doing a DCUC style Rocket Robin Hood for me, & I'm still waiting on it… I submitted the damned thing almost a year ago. Thanks for the info, Poe.

  5. Poe

    @ JohnnyBoyCivello: I don't want to disclose the cost, because I don't know how masterenglish determines what he charges, but I will say it's significantly cheaper if you provide the base figure for customizing.

    It took about a month between the time I mailed him the base figure and the time I got the completed figure.

  6. JohnnyBoyCivello

    I knew about the head too, but just didn't bother to mention it. Seriously though, how bloody awesome are MasterEnglish & MechaShiva? That "cross-sell" art is on point.

    It's funny you did this Poe, 'cause I too have been contemplating commissioning MasterEnglish, or Jin Saotome for some pieces. If you don't mind me asking, how long was the process, & of course, how damaging was it to your wallet?

  7. misterbigbo

    Though I recognized the head right away, I coulda swore that was a real package. Mad 'shop skilz bro. A great custom and 4/1 gag all around!

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