Any questions for Mattel?

Questions are due by 11:59pm Sunday, May 29.


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  1. Poe

    Questions submitted.

  2. Zach S.

    @ Mario:

    True, the level some people take the bashing to is juvenile and embarrassing. And obviously if we didn't collect their toys, we wouldn't complain about them. Mattel produces good quality stuff that we enjoy collecting, but they make it such a hassle sometimes that it takes the joy out of it. We, as consumers, have every right to complain, especially when the subject of our ire is a giant worldwide corporation that doesn't seem to care about or need us. Albeit, you're right…pointless bashing is worthless and embarrassing, but legitimate complaints from loyal consumers are completely warranted. There's also this weird dynamic between collectors and Mattel…I never feel like the consumer is right, and I get this arrogant vibe from Mattel, like they're only making collector's lines as a favor to us (and then overcharging us). Maybe it's our fault that they get away with the stuff they do…but at least by being vocal with our complaints we have some sort of power (perceived power at least). Again, not by bashing, but by posing legitimate and thoughtful critiques and criticisms.

  3. Mario

    Man, it's just "bash, bash, bash" around these fair parts, isn't it?

    I'd make a pretty substantial wager, however, that y'alls's malaise with Mattel's products is supported thoroughly by your lack of their offerings on your shelves, right? Right.

  4. Britt

    You keep saying that you guys at Mattel are doing their best to keep improving the MOTUC toy line, so I was wondering if you had ever thought about covering up the pin holes on all the figures joints much like you did with the ankles?

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