Eternia, circa 1986

Wow. The stereotype of the 1980s yuppie obsessed with technology, particularly the then-new technology of mass market video cameras, has paid off for us in spades, folks.

Some wise soul–specifically, the father of YouTube user sammyb7883–sacrificed a videocassette that could have been used to tape that night’s rerun of Cheers to give us He-Fans a glance into a world we thought was gone–namely, Eternia itself, replicated in miniature at a mall in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Watch the whole thing. The bored Hordak at the beginning is misleading. You’re soon taken into some sort of mystical cave featuring a gigantic Snake Mountain set. An announcer lists each new He-Man figure for the season, who gets a moment in the spotlight. And then–AND THEN–the battle begins!

Seriously, what is going on here? Is that a TV screen showing something filmed on a set designed to look exactly like the mountain? Holograms? Actual magic? I…I can’t tell.

Thanks to David O’Brien for the tip.


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  1. thomas

    wow… simply amazing…. god i miss the 80s

  2. Mark

    What a great video! Makes me wonder how many other hidden treasure recordings are still out there of events like this. I was 12 in 1986 and although Transformers rules my life at the time, I also had many He-Man figures.

  3. BlueLobster1979

    That is an amazing display! It reminds me of a the Storybook Boat Ride from Disneyland, with all the miniature kingdoms and castles, only, you know, of course, with HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!! Awesome even today, and that would have blown my mind as a kid to see!

  4. toyman2581

    God bless the freakin' 80's!!!

    Best damn decade ever. That was un-by god-beliveable. Stuff like that is why MOTU has and will always be my fav toy line. Thanks for the nostalgia trip Poe!

  5. Thrawn

    That was so awesome. I think I have a tear in my eye. So cool. I remember when it used to be so great going into a toystore and seeing things like that. That Filmation music still gives me goosebumps.

    I'm not the only one who geeked out when they mentioned Snout Spout, am I?

    I also find it sad that the vintage King Hsss they showed in the video still has more snakes on it than the motuc classics one the 4H gave us, simply because they decided not to count past five. Still angry about that.

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