MOTUC: Filmation now on the table?

Huh. So it turns out if you go on an unofficial hiatus and ignore toy news, important toy news slips by you.

Specifically, this. From

NEW YORK: Classic Media is partnering with Mattel to roll out a new consumer-products program for Masters of the Universe to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary in 2012.

The new line will encompass apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, thermals, track jackets and fashion tops for men, women and kids) and accessories (wristbands, belts and belt buckles, key chains, costume jewelry and more) from Changes, costumes from Disguise and a special 30th Anniversary edition DVD box set from Mill Creek Entertainment. Publishing partners will be announced soon. Plus, the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line from Mattel will continue through 2012.

“Masters of the Universe is an iconic franchise with a legacy that’s deeply rooted in fantastical storytelling which translates naturally to play experiences and products kids of all ages love,” said Michael Riley, VP of franchise development at Mattel. “In 2012 the property celebrates its milestone 30th anniversary allowing us to create a robust synergistic program that offers something for all fans.”

Classic Media is introducing a new Masters of the Universe style guide for the anniversary celebration featuring retro artwork, all-new modern artist renderings, as well as a special 30th Anniversary logo. Classic will also work with Mill Creek Entertainment on the DVD release.

“We’re very excited to be working with the team at Mattel to celebrate this iconic franchise’s 30th anniversary,” said Nicole Blake, executive VP of global marketing and consumer products at Classic Media. “This is the perfect opportunity to re-engage fans with the original series and to introduce Masters of the Universe to the next generation.”

Since the 1982 debut of the Masters of the Universe toy line, there has been a 1983 TV series, a 1987 Warner Bros. film, a 1990 series The New Adventures of He-Man and the 2002 Cartoon Network show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Now, obviously, there is nothing specific in this press release about Filmation characters in MOTUC. But Classic Media owns the Filmation rights, and now that Mattel and CM have a working relationship, it’s conceivable that Filmation-only characters–such as Shadow Weaver, Sea Hawk, and Plun-Dor–are now on the table, not to mention Filmation-style repaints and retools.

Anyway, for now: fingers crossed.

P.S. The 30th Anniversary logo was found here.


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  1. To me the Filmation rights aren't as big of a deal as the 30th anniversary stuff. The 30th gives Mattel a reason to promote the line. To capitalize on the He-Man name.

    AND, if they got Filmation rights, for the 30th, it just indicates to me that Mattel (the company not just the little subsection we normally deal with) is willing to spend some money for He-Man's 30th. Which is why I think we may see some retail exclusives.

    But that's just my theory.

  2. Thrawn

    If they want to include rehashes of Filmation charcters, I'd be fine with a Filmation Man-At-Arms if he included something to make it worth it.

    I'd love a Dimanond Ray of Disappearance, Spellstone, Staff of Avion, Dragon Pearl etc.

    If they have the rights, that is. Still nothing confirmed.

  3. Thrawn

    Barbecue17 wrote:

    @ dayraven:

    I’ve always held to the belief that Mattel would wait until somewhat later in the line and use Filmation rights to reignite the lines popularity when it starts to fizzle a bit.

    I’d definitely look forward to a few of the characters this would open up, but I’d be mostly worried about the rehashes taking over. Also, I imagine that Filmation rights would give Mattel a good reason to raise the price on the line….

    I believe Toyguru has previously stated that if they ever got the Filmation rights, they would essentially be like mini-comic or the 200x characters. Maybe two figs a year.

    I agree with you that some of the rehashes like Man-At-Arms may not be high on my list, but if they include extra Filmation only magical artifacts with them to make it worth the purchase I'd be fine.

    I'd love the Diamond Ray of disappearnce, the Spellstone, etc.

  4. dayraven

    @ Barbecue17:

    thank you sir. i am curious though, why do think the filmation library would give them excuse to raise the price?

    i am however, completely on board w/ the rest of your observations. it would seem to me like the smart move to save the filmation library of characters until popularity begins to wane… unless of course, it's already there. maybe those longer sell out times we've seen of late are only partially because demand is being met… that could also explain why they're scaling back on the re-releases. i mean, think about it, without a concerted ad campaign to grow the fanbase, at some point, they were going to meet all the need that exists, right? so the re-releases become less and less relevant as time passes because new folks aren't still coming aboard.

    if they'd actually held to the "refresh" theory thusfar, i'd say that would be an easy way to integrate some of the simpler characters, like he-man and MAA, but they haven't so i imagine those will have to have full monthly release slots used. given the timeline of the announcement, i'd bet we won't see many of the filmy characters rill 2012, and even then, like no more than 3 or 4 characters (and given the concrete dildo theory, probably no "new" characters, just the top four)

  5. Bigbot

    Yeah, I don't care about the filmation stuff. I just want 200X.

  6. Barbecue17

    @ dayraven:

    You, sir, definitely have a way with words and firm understanding of the ways of Mattel.

    I'm not really sure how I feel about Mattel getting Filmation rights. I've always held to the belief that Mattel would wait until somewhat later in the line and use Filmation rights to reignite the lines popularity when it starts to fizzle a bit.

    I definitely feel for all of the Filmation fans who can't get their favorite characters, but at the same time I don't want to be overrun with lots of rehashes such as "Filmation" He-Man with different sword and head and "Filmation" Man-at-Arms with bigger mustache and armor on both sides of his body.

    I'd definitely look forward to a few of the characters this would open up, but I'd be mostly worried about the rehashes taking over. Also, I imagine that Filmation rights would give Mattel a good reason to raise the price on the line….

  7. dayraven

    i don't know, i'm not so sure i'm ready to jump into this news like it's great or i'm getting the world delivered to me on a silver platter. somehow, if there's a way that this is bad news for me, i'm sure mattel has that angle covered. this might very will boil down to little more than a t-shirt deal that only gets distribution at hot topic.

    not saying that i don't want more, i fully support the fan base getting the toys that our monthly tithe should by rights earn us, i just don't trust mattel to give us good news without a concrete dildo hidden behind their backs.

  8. Thrawn

    I really want certain Filmation characters. Shadow Weaver, Lizard Man, Dree Ell, Celice, Dragoon, Scorpia, Madam Razz and Broom.

    Of course, I'm still waiting on my 200x variants (Evil Lyn, King Hsss), and my blasted Keldor swords.

  9. Dead Man Walking

    @ Newt:

    Well, we do already have the DCUC vs MOTUC line, but yeah, I could see more retail stuff coming out of this.

  10. You know what this sounds like, don't you?

    MOTU retail line baby!

    Calling it now. 2012, we'll see special 30th Anniversary MOTUC stuff at retail.

    Maybe not a whole line, but at least some special stuff. DVD pack ins or something.

    I mean, if Mattel was smart, that's what they'd do. Especially if Filmation is on the table.

  11. jesus santillan


    CGI characters(Cringer),explosions,3D,and SHIA LaBEOUF as prince Adam…

  12. Mario

    I'm just giddy with anticipation… I mean, information like this essentially indicates that we will be getting Filmation based characters in MOTUC. I'm looking at you, Batros!

  13. I like the logo! Its neat! =)


    The 4H posted teaser on Facebook last night, said they were working on 3 MOTUC figures… two of which were from "Classic MOTU posters". Which lead me to believe the Eternia, Horde, Preternia, etc. posters. It didn't narrow things down too much, but still fun to guess!!! I put money down on Sorceres, Fisto, and/or Clamp Champ!

  14. Snarf! Snarf!

    Toyguru said something down at the .org about that logo not being the final one. The Filmation Grayskull is just a placeholder until they get the real Grayskull done.

    I'm not an expert on copyrights and all that legal stuff, but if Mattel doesn't have the Filmation rights, wouldn't they be violating something by using the Filmation Grayskull on a logo?

  15. Zach S.

    Exciting…however, I bet we see a lot of Filmation repaints of existing figures early on.

  16. Thomas b

    I actually like the logo. Not bad

    Yeah I'd def say that they have worked something out for fulmar on based toys.

  17. Dead Man Walking

    Yay! Now let's develop a more slender buck for the filmation versions of characters. (Yeah, that'd never happen.) But give me a filmation Teela at least.

  18. André

    I want a Shokoti!

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