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  1. ero

    Well, I believe Wizards of the Coast, which now publishes D&D, is owned by Hasbro. So the chances of any other company doing it are nil. But … Hasbro! The potential is there, right? Could they be persuaded? Poe, do you want to champion our cause? Having all of the guys from the cartoon in action figure form is a dream of mine.

  2. Mark

    @ dayraven:

    I'm all for a new D&D line, any company but Mattel. NECA as long as they make actual movable figures instead of statues and more than a couple characters with multiple repaints, it needs to be a proper toyline. Personally I would prefer Hasbro or Bandai to make them.

  3. Ridureyu

    I wanted one of those when I was so little…

    …now I do again.

  4. dayraven

    seriously, why is there not a D&D toy line? they cover every friggin fantasy character type twice over, why is there not a line? i know "sporadically, D&D released toys and they didn't do incredibly well" well, it's the 21st century mofos, we need a quality line of D&D stuff, a cartoon-based sub-line, and in-scale dragons (like what they did for their miniatures, only articulated)

    and i'd vote NECA to do it.

  5. ero

    Yet another reminder of how we never got the core cartoon characters in this line. (And don't talk to me about those Spanish PVC versions.)

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