Mattycollector SDCC Pre-Sale

I forgot that today is the day for the Mattycollector SDCC pre-sale, which is going on now. Looks like the White Screen of Death (WSOD) is back. How’s it going for those of you who are trying to pre-order?


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  1. I totally forgot the pre-sale was today, but I was able to get a Marlena and Voltron for me and a Marlena and a She-Ra Polly Pocket set for a friend. I think I got the Marlena's just in time because they were sold out immediately after my order. I just hope that Voltron is actually worth the $30 price tag.

  2. americanhyena

    Yeah…the Marriott line isn't much better. Especially because three quarters of it is under the blazing hot sun. Still…a guarantee is a guarantee.

    I too had to deal with the "We can't sell you Marlena because you live in the U.S." nonsense, but it did eventually correct itself. Got her and Swampy.

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    I got through in under 5 minutes but I got all the way to the billing page, confirmed my info, filled in CAPTCHA, clicked all the "fine print" boxes, clicked submit, WSOD and then had to start all over from the billing info page. Luckily I got through the second time just fine but it was weird that it kicked me back a page after I had already confirmed billing info etc.

    Still, I don't have to stand in that suck ass line this year and can instead stand in the suck ass line over at the Marriott. Hey, at least the Marriott has a couple of bars. Might have to grab a cocktail before hitting the Matty pickup booth.

  4. izdawiz

    Stay Puft sold out

  5. Clark

    Took 18 minutes, but finally made it through. Matty tried to say my country choice was wrong for getting Queen Marlena. How is the United States the wrong country choice?

  6. Took about 8 mins but was in and out, and now I don't have to stand in line in the exhibit hall. I am so excited! That booth is always such a time sink, especially when you only want one thing.

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