MOTUC Sub List #4 (+ complete list of figs so far)

I said I wouldn’t post about this bullcrap anymore, but whatever, right?

Here’s the latest MOTUC sub list:

  • Purchase a membership to Club Eternia for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the monthly Masters of the Universe Classics figures released during the year. You’ll also receive club-exclusive Fearless Photog and an all-new bonus map poster of The Tri-Solar System!
  • Starting January 2012, you are automatically shipped the Club Eternia Monthly Figure every month for a total of twelve months (January through December). For 2012, you will also be shipped four beast figures or multi-packs and four character variant figures at various intervals throughout the year. You are billed as figures ship. Figures revealed to date are Snake Face (January), Slush Head (February) and Mosquitor(March). Also in March is the largest Beast/Multipack item for the year – the Jaw Bridge of Castle Grayskull! First in an annual series to build-up pieces to the mighty fortress of mystery and power!

For those of you keeping track at home, so far in these lists, we’ve seen:

  • Shadow Weaver
  • Sorceress
  • Fisto
  • Kobra Kahn
  • The Star Sisters
  • Frosta
  • Clamp Champ
  • Rattlor
  • Granamyr
  • Sweetbee
  • Gwildor
  • Lodar
  • Artilla
  • Skeleton Warriors
  • Blast Attack
  • Zombie Randor
  • Slime Pit He-Man
  • Snake Face
  • Slush Head
  • Mosquitor
  • Fearless Photog
  • Grayskull Jawbridge
  • Disco Skeletor


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  1. FakeEyes22

    I actually find it kind of funny.

    At the same time, if the item that got you the most excited isn't an actual reveal, it's going to be a let down.

    I think Matty underestimates MOTU fans' abilities to hold a grudge and declare war based on unmet expectations. I'll be pleased no matter what, but I can see some folks being irritated.

    A Build-a-Grayskull that takes years to complete would be nuts compared to Voltron.

  2. ero

    Right, but nothing's changed. The official reveal is still tomorrow, as has always been the case. I'm not saying that their actions–whatever the rationale–are a good idea, but I do think getting worked up over it prior to the official unveil is a little indefensible. It'd be another case entirely if this stuff occurred AFTER the sub opened up for sale. But it hasn't.

  3. -R.

    I suspect the work of Mumm-Ra and Bandai.

  4. ero

    No doubt. A build-up Castle Grayskull would be mighty fun.

  5. Thomas b

    I actually like this fake list the best so far. I am still betting they had the real list the first day an are just spinning this the best they can.

  6. Plenty of the names on these lists so far are great character choices. There’s definitely some I want more than others but if most of these end up in the actual 2012 lineup (or end up as some of the remaining 2011 figs) I’ll be very satisfied.

    I’m hopeful Mattel isn’t foolish enough to use any of these as the sub exclusive though save for maybe Zombie Randor. Could any of these potential names end up as an SDCC exclusive next year? If Orko can then anybody is game if Mattel has some sort of internal reason they can justify.

    My thoughts on the lists are that Mattel and TG are just trying to keep everybody on their toes. After this many changeups you shouldn’t put much weight in them and be frustrated. You’re only fooling yourself. And yeah, maybe some DR jackass slipped up and posted the real deal and now Mattel is in recovery mode. If so then take this as them showing us plenty of potential releases. Are these lists causing a stir? Damn straight they are but in some ass~backwards way that’s probably what they planning for to begin with.

  7. Southzen

    The only way this kind of PR would get worse for MOTUC is if there was an announcement of something along the lines of dangerous amounts of lead in the action figures. I hate to break it to these guys, but bad PR attention isn't necessarily great. Mattel is bearing a striking resemblance to screaming spoiled little child wanting attention, so when it isn't getting enough attention on good merits, it misbehaves to receive it.

  8. dayraven

    yup, they're working hard to make sure i abandon this line. and really, hasbro, NECA, and square enix and rochambeauing each other over the chance at my wallet… and i think i'll award all three suitors.

    • ero

      Geez, man, you're not buying milk. It's not gasoline.

      I agree, this isn't the best way of handling things. Like many, I think this is damage control over the original list that was leaked. TG and Friends are in the middle of SDCC and they had to think fast on their feet. And if it isn't damage control, if it is just a joke, then lighten up. All it's doing is poking fun at our endless need to know, know, know before the time they'll actually, you know, let us know.

      Because you know, and I know, that when the sub sign up begins, we'll know the actual lineup.

    • dayraven

      i'm not taking it too seriously, i don't care. there are a ton of cooler toys getting shown off, and mattel isn't putting the work into the motuc line to keep me interested. in the last year, i've really gone the other way on what i want out of toys, and i want attributes like interchangeable bits, accessories, sculpt detail, clean paint aps, etc… that motuc just isn't delivering. i'm not upset, i'm just moving on.

      sadly, i still love the motu franchise… i just want better toys. wake me up when motu gets added to the play arts kai line.

  9. toyman

    This is just ridiculous. Even ONE fake list is in poor taste…but FOUR?! Do they actually think that any fan finds this funny, or is it solely for their amusement? Just wait till the next Matty Q&A when there's an avalanche of questions like: "When is Shadow Weaver coming?" or "When will the rest of the Grayskull pieces be released?" Then we'll get the inevitable answer: "We can't comment on unannounced figures." Douchebaggery at it's finest.

  10. André

    I think they took the man in charge to do the bios of the caracters to put to create these lists!! It is fanny but make no sense 🙂

    But the list I really liked was the first! Sorceress, Fisto and Khan!!!

  11. Seriously WFT? They can joke all they want, but this is supposed to be legit information in order to entice customers into committing a LOT of money for their product. And they're just screwing around with the details? Really poor form and they're ultimately gonna loose subs from people who didn't want figure X on the list

  12. misterbigbo

    Matty/Scott has dug himself such a deep hole on this one. I see something on every list that will royally piss off fans when it isn’t on the final real list. Way to go.

  13. MonkeyBoy

    We'll get list 5 tomorrow….

  14. I have a strong feeling we will get fisto And maybe slushhead. shadow weaver is a biggie and photog would be cool but we will wait and see

  15. I'm impressed and astonished by your list keeping skills Poe – thanks for keeping such a close eye on things! And you were wondering where all that site traffic was coming from 🙂

  16. Zach S.

    This is the best list so far…I'd love this lineup. But no way am I getting a sub, so I'd have to track down Fearless Photog if this was legit. But it's not, so whatever.

  17. They're embarrassing themselves at this point.

  18. You forgot to add Disco Skeletor, from their show floor list (list #3). 😉

    • Added. He's obviously fake, though, because they'd never actually use the term "Disco" on the package.

  19. Are they seriously just fucking with people? Like, is this a joke to them?

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