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1.) MsMarvel fan asks: Great reveals at SDCC! I’m really excited for 2012. Can those of us with MOTUC subscriptions look forward to a way to opt into additional club figures and/or 30th Anniversary figures for shipment with our sub figures?

We are looking into a way to possibly combine shipping on the 30th figures into a sub but we don’t have this confirmed yet. Stay tuned as we continue to explore options!

2.) Fringinator asks: Are Infinite Heroes coming back? That line went away just as I was really getting into it. Other companies are doing more and more characters on a smaller, 4-inch scale like that, and the DC universe has never gotten a big line like that.

The exact Infinite Heroes line is over for now, but that does not mean the scale is done. Again, stay tuned as we get all of our ducks in a row! We know there is a lot of fan demand for more DC figures in this scale!

3.) Gasha168 asks: Does the 23″ Voltron contain any diecast metal components at all, or is it pure plastic except for the springs and pin joints?

It does have some die cast. More details as soon as we confirm with design.

UPDATED ANSWER: The Lions that combine into the 23” Voltron do not have any die-cast parts.  At the scale that the lions are being offered, if they were die-cast, the overall weight of the combined Voltron would be too much for it to be secure or stable.  However, we do understand that die-cast is a big fan request so this is something that we’re looking into for the future.

4.) AJ7 asks: If Shadow Weaver will not be re-released in any way, shape or form, is there still a possibility for 200X-inspired female “Shadow Wraiths” to be released in the MOTUC line?

Shadow Weaver will not be re-released but it is possible for us to do the Shadow Wraiths from 2002 from episode 35 as separate characters (and male characters at that).

5.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: After seeing the mixed reactions regarding Battleground Evil Lyn: Was she meant to be the “classicized” version of 200X Evil Lyn, or is there room for a third Evil Lyn in her Zalesian attire (A female version of The Faceless One’s vest)?

Never say never, but for now this is intended to be the Horsemen’s definitive Evil Lyn for the time being.


Feliz Maskor Dia!


And Man-E-Faces’s secret accessory is…


  1. stack32

    I can't imagine the logistics required for Mattel to get all their ducks in a row.

  2. Snarf! Snarf!

    Looks like I'm sticking with Springfield Evil Lyn then…

  3. From Critical Mess:
    4. Some people who have paid to join Club Infinite Earths are frustrated that anyone can vote for the oversized figures, and yet not be committed to have to buy the figure.   Shouldn’t the customers who are agreeing to pay for basically a blind subscription be the ones who get to determine the characters in the line?

    It is an interesting suggestion and maybe one we will implement in a future year.

    To quote the great Casey Casem: Ponderous, man. #%^*+!* ponderous

    • Tribsaint

      Club Infinite Earths is going to have future…but you suggestion seems fair….There is no way in Hell i'm getting the sub….yet I voted…but only because of Puffy.

    • Tribsaint


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