Making the Mini-Masters Materialize


Many fans loved seeing the “Mini-Masters” that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con. What you may not know is that they’re not actually planned by Mattel yet. Like the prototype MOTUC He-Man at the 2007 SDCC and the Battle Ram last year, these were made on spec by the Four Horsemen in the hopes of getting fans to push Mattel to produce them.

While I’m generally not that big on the super-deformed, Galactic Heroes/Superhero Squad/Action League style, the sheer novelty of getting MOTU versions is enough to make them must-haves.

Will they happen? Only if we tell Mattel we want them! I’d start an online petition, but I tend to think those are of fairly limited influence, so I suggest people ask about them on every Ask Mattel.


Mattycollector Online SDCC Exclusives Go on Sale at 12pm ET


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  1. muppetbot

    those are way too cool… I hope Matty makes em. I buy them in an instance.

  2. GMan

    Under $12 bucks for each 2 pack and I'm definitly in for all or most of the line. hopefully its in stores and not on matty collector, because then that $12 will become $20 after shipping

  3. I want these for my kids!! They also have to be affordable…

  4. Matty

    As the father of an 8 yo supehero squad freak I'd buy these if and only if. They priced inline with supehero squad or brave and the bold, and the were at retail and not online only.

  5. Please Mattel, I want these.

  6. ralph

    Eric said they brought the prototypes with them to show Mattel in their regular pre SDCC discussion and Mattel put those immediately on their display – so it seems they are sold to the idea – now only waiting on fan response for initially making them.

    I think it's neat but that's about it. I would love more cool MotUC figs rather than a second line of cute MotU thrown in. (though might be fun if their heads fit the regular MotuC figs).

    • Frankly I think we're getting more than enough MOTUC figures as it is. My wallet certainly thinks so.

  7. He-Dan

    I’d pay $10-12 each easy.

  8. I'd buy them if the price was fine. Make them a tad smaller, give them cut-jointed shoulders and offer them as $ 10.- two-packs, and I'm in.

  9. I'd buy a Skeletor & He-Man set, that's about it.

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