Any questions for Matty? [Update: No Answers Until November 1]

Questions due by 11:59pm Thursday, September 29.

[Update: Due to NYCC, there won’t be an Ask Mattel until November 1. I’ll re-solicit questions for that session, but look through the ones here as well.]


MOTUC Batman Custom by MasterEnglish


Pic of the Day > Lizard Man by jayhauf


  1. Reverend Ender

    There appeared to be a significant drop in the quality of plastic used on the MOTUC Leech figure. Should we expect similar plastic going forward on all MOTUC figures?
    Why don't Hurricane Hordak's arm attachments spin?

  2. What are the odds that we could see, once all Vintage style options are exhausted, figures of characters that have already been released, but in the 200X style? I.E., Skeletor with that sneering face and wrist bands, a younger looking He-Man with longer hair, a slimmer, taller Hordak, etc? I understand that many figures are already designed to be combinations of 200X and Vintage, and the cost for new parts would be a factor, but I'm still wondering. Also, any chance of "New Adventures" style He-Man and Skeletor, since we're seeing so many other "New Adventures" characters?

  3. The new mini-comic based "Alcala" Skeletor head that comes with Demo-Man is great, and just the kind of thing that we fans love to receive!

    However, the prototype shown has Skeletor's face painted green, while reference for that particular artistic rendition has had Skeletor's skull as all yellow (with no green outline).

    Is it possible to change the skull face deco from green to yellow, to better match the source material for this fantastic extra? Thanks.

  4. Snarf! Snarf!

    Why is Illumina singled out as the only character that needs to go over so many hurdles and jump through hoops just to get a spot in the line?

    • I second this question.

      The response to Illumina always seems to be "well, if you'd rather have her than Ram Man…" I'd rather have Ram Man than about half of the line Mattel has released so far. I guarantee you that Illumina would poll higher than Gygor or Spector, and yet, here we are. I fully expect Evil Robot to be announced first.

  5. Snappy the Croc

    Does the regular Sorceress come with the Orb stand?

    • JediCreeper

      I'm think no.. otherwise they wouldn't have made such a big deal over the fact that the exclusive does include it

  6. Zoist131

    This question is for Toyguru,
    What made you think even for a moment that Mighty Spector was a good idea for a figure?

  7. JediCreeper

    I mentioned it on twitter, but I'll post it here too, just so everything is in one place… given the timing of the show, will the Mattel booth have any other 10/15 sales items (like the Legion set or icarius) for sale?

  8. Josh

    1. While it may still be early in development, but will the Club Infinite Earth figures feature new packaging? Since there are no longer retailer needs to conform to, couldn’t the packaging be smaller?

    2. Since there is no longer going to be a CNC figure, will we be seeing other add-ins or accessories in Club Infinite Earths?

    3. Have over-sized figures been considered for the Ghostbusters line much like MOTUC and DCU?

    4. Will the new DC 6″ 2012 figures feature the same scale and standards of articulation as DCUC?

    5. (Hoping for a negative) Will the new DC 6″ 2012 figures ever have action features?

    6. It has been stated by Matty that bringing the Real Ghostbusters animated cartoon over to the 6″ scale would be difficult due to tooling new bodies for each character and Matty doesn’t want to just repaint the movie versions. While this is easy to understand and appreciated, there is obviously a following for the Ghostbusters line and a demand for the RGB figures in the specific 6″ form. Personally, I feel that since most collectors grew up with the RGB figures, many will also be drawn to 6″ versions of them. Will this ever be explored further or has the door been closed?

    7. I’m a big fan of the Action League mini figures. Could Ghostbusters ever be released in this fashion? I can only imagine the possibilities for this.

    8. I’m happy to see the continuation of Club Infinite Earths. Will there be any continuation of fan’s choosing characters that appear in the program?

  9. Mose

    Are the $5 off DCUC figure coupons that come with August figure sales only open to the US? As I live outside the US and mine didn’t include any coupons.

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