New Joker & Robin prototypes surface on eBay

Some recent eBay auctions have revealed some details about Arkham City-related figures.

DC Direct has only announced Robin, Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn for their Arkham City line, but this week eBay has a slew of so-called “zombie Jokers” from China. There are so many it seems unlikely they’re fakes or customs (though they could be discarded prototypes for a figure that won’t be produced).

As the trailers for the game have made clear, the Joker is in rough shape in Arkham City, suffering from some sort of ill after-effects from the Titan formula in Arkham Asylum. This vomit-inducing prototype captures that a little too well, frankly. Moreover, he’s obviously just the Arkham Asylum Joker with a new head.  I’d been intending to buy every Arkhamverse toy that’s made, but this one may test that…it will depend on his accessories, I suppose.

Next up is a prototype Robin from Mattel’s Arkham City line. Nothing new here, just a better look at the production figure.



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  1. It turns out the Joker figure will be a NYCC exclusive.

  2. i saw this joker figure at our local black market-ish toy store who sells loose and overrun figures in our country. the joker looks very dirty, looks like a beetlejuice joker. i also think it really is a prototype. i passed on it and decided to wait for the dc direct arkham city instead.

  3. Poe, did you see the Square Enix versions are on pre-order @ BBTS?
    Pricey, but man do they look good

    • He-Dan

      Has there been any info on the scale of the Square Enix figures?

    • hobotastic

      I saw them at SDCC. They're the same scale as the Metal Gear Solid and other PlayArts figures. Roughly 10 inches tall.

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