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I can’t recall ever seeing a single episode of The New Adventures of He-Man. I’m sure, as an adolescent, I caught one randomly somewhere and though, “That’s not He-Man! Lame” (along with “”Man, am I way too old for He-Man”–it would be another ten years before I was again the right age for He-Man). As I’ve mentioned before, I did own the Optikk toy, because it was a scifi alien dude with an eyeball for a head. But the rest of the NA universe didn’t exist for me.

I certainly never owned Flipshot, known as Icarius overseas.* If I’d seen him at a store as a kid, I probably would have dismissed him as a generic-looking science fiction soldier guy with a jetpack who looked an awful lot like other toys, especially Ace McCloud from the Centurions.

And on the surface, that’s what his Masters of the Universe Classics figure is, too. However, Icarius has been lovingly crafted by the Four Horsemen into an amazing action figure–possibly the best since Trap Jaw.

Icarius comes in the usual MOTUC packaging, but it was a huge pain in the ass to get him out of the bubbles. I advise using scissors to cut both the plastic bands and the blister, or you risk bending or breaking some of the accessories. That said, the blister does a good job of preventing any warping, at least on my figure.

The Horsemen have done a great job on Icarius’s sculpt. Much of the figure’s sculpt is new: the biceps and forearms, outer chest armor, pelvis, calves, and boots are new for Icarius. They’re all very closely based on the the vintage figure, so it will be interesting to see how they’re re-used on other figures (Slush Head only has the pelvis and calves).

As you’d expect, the Horsemen have added some details not seen on the vintage figure, such as the rockets on the inside of his calves and the red visor on his helmet. The helmet was removable on the vintage figure, but here we get two heads: one helmeted, with a flip-up visor, and one bare head. That flip-up visor is one of those little touches that makes Icarius an example action figure.

In terms of articulation, Icarius has the standards for the line: a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders and hips, swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and top of the thighs, and hinges at the knees, elbows, ankles, and abdomen. He may have swivels at the top of his boots, but I couldn’t get mine to move.

The only disappointment here is the head. This is a flying character, and as wonderful as this figure is, I think Mattel should have gone the extra mile to give him a head that can look straight forward when flying.

The real draw for this figure are the accessories. Icarius comes with his jetpack, two removable missiles, two heads, and a missile launcher. The missile launcher’s missiles can be removed as well, but they’re stuck together and it doesn’t really make sense.

The jetpack is fantastic. It has some great details, some of which are painted, and the wings can move on a pivot (which I think was a feature of the vintage figure as well–they could be folded).

The removable missiles on the jetpack are interesting because they weren’t a feature of the original toy, but are a nice bonus. The jetpack connects to the back of the figure via a small plug, and it’s a nice snug fit.

The missile launcher clips to either forearm.

I find the bare head amusing because it’s so clearly Val Kilmer as Iceman from Top Gun. So much so that I’m surprised likeness rights weren’t involved. Some fans have said they see Van Damme in there, but I can only see Iceman. It’s a fun little treat, and it’s certainly a fitting reference for the character. I’m glad they didn’t go with Maverick (though if any religion would believe there was an alien war on a planet called Primus, it’s Scientology).

Perhaps best of all, I had no real problems with my figure (aside from the possibly-stuck boot tops). His boots had none of the squished effect we’ve seen on the Keldor boots.

As I mentioned with Optikk, Mattel and the Four Horsemen seem to give the New Adventures figures a little something extra, perhaps because they know they’ll be less popular. The massive jetpack adds a ton of value to the figure and makes him feel almost like a deluxe item. With some MOTUC figures you may not feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, but Icarius is just the opposite. He’s not a beloved character, but he is a fine example of everything an action figure should be.

[raven 5]

If you skipped Icarius and this review has changed your mind, you can still get him at BigBadToyStore right here.

* He was called Icarius overseas because “Flipshot” didn’t translate well, according to Scott Neitlich of Mattel. It’s been said the reason they’re using Icarius this time around is because Zing Toys (not Nerf, unless Nerf owns Zing or bought them recently) has the copyright to “Flip Shot” (serial number 77516681).

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  1. Uncle Montork

    The original figure also had the bare left fist, but looked nothing like Kilmer.

  2. I love the Val Kilmer look. But I don't have the toy or plan to ever own it.

    I also have no fondness for the character, but I agree with Poe that he's a nice looking figure.

  3. Mark

    I don't understand whay the head is sculpted to look like Val Kilmer…it just seems stupid. Shouldn't the head look like Flipshot/ Icarius did in the cartoon? I would have been tempted to get him as I had the vintage figure but the Kilmer head ruined it for me. I am also not keen on the red visor. Its shame both heads are messed up because if they had been done right it wouyld be one of the best MOTUC.

  4. Kid Nicky

    I'm sorry,but 30 bucks is pricy for Skeletor,It's absurd for "some guy".

    On the other hand,I'd LOVE a Kilmer Batman figure. Christian Bale never tried to use a motorcycle to bribe a 30 year old man into being adopted.

  5. misterbigbo

    A very well executed Classics interpretation of a very goofy vintage design . It is odd that he gets SO much new tooling, but some figs get barely any (I’m looking at you, Snake MAA…)

  6. I suppose this is the flipside (flipshot?) of tending to review figures based on a nostalgia factor. I didn't have any nostalgia for Icarius, but his excellence as an action figure got me past that. But it's definitely unusual for me.

    Anyway, my Halloween toys will come off my desk shelf soon, and when the flavor of the month figures go up, Icarius will be among them.

  7. nytetrayn

    Huh, "Galactic Protectors?" They changed that, too?

    And too bad we don't get a classic Flipshot head. This one is cool and all, but it's not the Flipshot I know.

    • Yeah; "Galactic Guardians" is a Marvel comic, so they changed the group name.

    • Aren't they the Guardians of the Galaxy?

    • Usually. Galactic Guardians was a spin-off limited series…wow, the Guardians of the Galaxy used to sell well enough for a spin-off. I personal thought "Galactic Guardians" was the old Super-Friends team name or something.

      Anyway, Icarius does look great; and like Monte said, it's entirely possible to have a great batch of MOTUC that don't include tradtional Masters. If these were reasonably priced, in proper stores…well, that ship has sailed.

  8. Icarius earns 5 of the coveted Ravens! I can't argue, he's really well done and you get a lot of plastic.

    Just the improvements to the helmet are impressive. It gets it's own head so it's not awkward looking, a moveable visor and a lens instead of the open air on the vintage figure. It feels odd calling an NA toy vintage, but here we are. Also, the vintage helmet always looked like an odd random shape, but this one has some flow to the design and a solid feel despite looking very similar. It's things like this in MOTUC that make the 4H shine.

    So far with Icarius and Bow, that's 2 for 2 in the category of "some dude" making a great entrance into this line's style.

    Funny thing about "Flipshot." I bought some cheapo supermarket gun with foam darts for the kid last week. The name on the package? WIND RAIDERS.

  9. toyman

    I pretty much agree with Dead Man Walking. Great job by the 4H but he's still fairly "Meh" and that's largely because I was never into the NA line and this figure isn't going to great lengths to draw me in now. He's not very colorful either. I'm not sure why that should matter but it does. I can't believe I'm saying this because I'm a HUGE supporter of Classic over 200X styles, but even I have to admit that this guy would probably interest me more if he was reimagined in the Millenium line. Just don't mess with my characters from the original vintage line. 😉

    Anyway, Icarius is a good figure but nothing spectacular and I don't see anyone besides He-Man or Skeletor from the NA line really exciting me.

  10. Dark Angel

    I'm not feelin' it. He currently resides unopened in his mailer in the closet, along with Mo-larr, Megator, Tytus and Clawful, and there they will stay for the foreseeable future. In the fullness of time, they will be joined by others…*coughslushheadcough*

  11. Monkey boy

    Thank god they didnt make him current day, jowly, overweight lesbian looking Val Kilmer.

  12. Dead Man Walking

    The 4H certainly did a good job with him, but I still find him to be nothing more than a generic looking space-man. The jet pack and armor has the look of something that was just thrown together, as opposed to thoughtfully crafted, and that's because the 4H were just translating it almost directly from the original. I hate to pull the 200X card, b/c even I'm sick of talking about it, but I can imagine that had the 4H had room to update this character with their own ideas he would have looked AMAZING.

    Also, I don't like the removable missiles b/c they have those stupid long pegs that you see on "missile-firing" figures that stick out of the launcher and completely remove the illusion of being real missiles.

  13. Thrawn

    Great review Poe. I've been looking forward to it.

    The boots on my figure were stuck together too. I used a lot of force and they came loose without any difficulty.

    I also agree that I would like the flying figures to be able to look up in the future.

  14. He can be my wingman anytime.

  15. Sephron13

    My figure had very tight cuts above the boot, and they were stuck pretty good, but yeah, they’re there. Great review; echoes my thoughts.

  16. Some of these ostensibly lesser characters are the coolest toys. I could see myself ending up with no one except Vikor and Carnivus and this guy, or something.

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