Any questions for Mattel?

This is for the December 1 round. Questions are due by 12pm ET on Monday, November 14.


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  1. He-Dan

    Will DC All Stars be available on MattyCollector?

  2. Andy

    What was the reasoning behind the character selection for DCUC All Stars series 1? Because is seems to conflict with the aforementioned intent of this line which was to select mainstream characters for a broader appeal.

  3. Dear Mattel, when is Poe going to review Snake Eyes?

  4. R.Ace

    Do you have any plans to reissue earlier fan favorite MOTU characters such as Man At Arms or Tri-Klops since so many of us missed them the first time around?

  5. Joshq

    1) Will new accessories be included with the DC All Stars Series 1 Batman Beyond? Or is it the same figure/accessories?

    2) Thus far for the figures revealed for DC All Stars: Is what we see what we get? Will there be additional pack-ins or accessories?

    3) How many different waves/series/releases of DC All Stars are planned for 2012?

    4) If sales numbers are too low in the Ghostbusters 6" line, is there a strategy to do anything to increase sales? It would seem that increasing the price, while understandable due to rising costs, would hurt sales somewhat without including or adding anything to make the figures more desirable.

    5) Outside of head sculpts, the biggest differences I see between The Real Ghostbusters and Movie Ghostbusters are: RGB all have gloves, softer details on outfits, mildly different proton gun. Ray and Egon have only slightly different body types for Winston and Peter (tall and slim & slightly chubby, respectively). I imagine some reuses are plausible. I still have a hard time believing that it would be so entirely difficult to get RGB figures out there, so what is the main challenge?

    6) WWE: I recently picked up an Elite Drew McIntyre. He comes with a very shiny Intercontinental Belt. I then was able to get an Eddie Guerrero Elite legend figure, and his belt was not shiny at all. Why did Eddie, an much appreciated wrestler, not receive the shiny treatment?

  6. Why is Mattel watermarking all of its recently released official photos? Don't they want the fan sites to use those images?


    Will Mattel have some sort of working agreement that’ll allow Hasbro to make an accurate movie Roadblock or will The Rock’s Legends contract with Mattel’s WWE line pose a problem?

  8. Snarf! Snarf!

    With the whole SnakeMan-at-Arms issue, (customers feeling "ripped-off" because he is "just a new head" when Demo-Man brings a new Skeletor head instead of "forcing the Customer" into buying same old Skeletor for just a new head.) IF/WHEN other SnakeMan Variants of heroic characters are made (like SnakeMekaneck for example) can the figures be DIFFERENT ENOUGH from the default versions, so the figure does not feel like a "lazy variant"?

  9. Mortimer McMire

    Here's a question: What characters will be included in DC All Stars Series 2?

  10. 3B

    WWE: What is the status of the shiny, metalized belts? Will they only be used on the “Defining Moments” figures going forward? The dull plastic looks terrible and shouldn’t be used in the Elite line, especially when they’re going for over $17 a piece.

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