Any questions for Mattel?

Questions due by 11:59pm ET Tuesday, November 29.


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  1. Captain Zero

    Will you soon finish The Doom Patrol, the Golden Age JSA, or the original Teen Titans.??? It seems that finishing these teams have been put on the "back burner".
    When we had the DCUC waves we had a much better chance of finishing these groups.

  2. fishandcross

    Will we be seeing a new, revamped 3 3/4" DC line any time soon? How about a MOTU 3 3/4" line, or is that completely off the radar? Thanks!

  3. Mark

    Any chance of a MOTUC / Movie Masters Dolph Lundgren He-Man and movie Skeletor.

  4. Goblin

    With the scalpers already surfacing on ebay, andit not being in the Club Eternia Subs, will the Wind raider appear as a reissue at some point should it do an instant sell out, or will we fall prey to the unscrupulous who will want to make a fast buck? Or do you think there is enough stock to satify the demands of those who might not be lucky with the choppy whitewater of the digital river at first instance?

  5. Jukka

    For Scott and 4Horsemen: Do you have a favourite Filmation-weapon that you would like to see in MOTUC-line?

  6. Captain Zero

    Or throw in Mxlplex ah…spelling bad. Too many vowels. Or throw in GREEN ARROW and SPEEDY, AQUAMAN, and AQUA-LAD.
    Glad that the Legion fans got theirs.

  7. Gargamel

    will we see a movie masters line for the tim burton batman films in the near future?

  8. Since a lot of the MOTUC figures come with alternate heads, would you release a pack of "Display Stands" for those heads so that we could have both on the shelf? It'd be great if the stand could have a base but also be able to plug into the Grayskull & Snake Mtn bases!

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      They will probably say that it's too morbid. I like it!!

  9. Some time ago, it was reported that the 200X Skeletor swords would be making an appearance in the MOTUC line, but we haven't heard anything about them lately. Are they still planned? Can you give us an indication of where they might appear (i.e. packed in with a Skeletor variant, in a weapons pack, etc.) and when?

  10. Rich

    Hi Matty!

    Wow, that Legion 12-pack sold really well! And quickly!

    I know that you’ve barely planned 2012, and 2013 is a long way off your radar, but if you’re considering another 12-pack, would you help fill out all of our DCUC teams with a “Women of the DC Universe” 12-pack? In one fell swoop, you could give us Elasti-Girl (Doom Patrol); Platinum (Metal Men); Ice and Fire (JLI); Hawkgirl II (Kendra) (JLA/Modern JSA); Vixen (JLA); Huntress (JLA/Birds Of Prey); Phantom Lady (JSA/Freedom Fighters); Mera (JLA/Aquaman); Jade (Infinity Inc/JLA); Batwoman (Batman Inc) & Dr Light II (JLI), for example. Would you consider diversifying many teams at once with this approach? DC’s line of busts have already featured 7 of these characters, so there’s more than enough appeal for Kendra/Mera/Phantom Lady/Vixen/Batwoman/Huntress/Jade in your audience! Thanks!

  11. R.Ace

    Dear Matty,
    How do you cope with the whiny, self entitled children that make up a small but vocal part of your customer base?

    Yes, this is a real question and not my attempt at sarcasm.

  12. Given the cancellation of the Ghostbusters line after only two years, i'm wondering if Matty has learned any lessons when it comes to marketing action figures to adult collectors, and if so, what those lessons might have been?

    I hope this doesnt' come off as sound condescending because it's not meant to – I really want to know!

    • R.Ace

      GB isn't cancelled. That's just rumor from fanboys. TG has stated that the line is NOT cancelled.

    • Braystreet

      The line's not cancelled because they've still got figures that they've tooled up that they would like to try to sell at insane prices. The line is over, however, because the whole reason that they cancelled the subscription is because they didn't get enough buyers to justify tooling further figures, so after the three or four that remain for 2012, the line is done.

      The line is cancelled, but it isn't from a business prospective.

  13. Ronnie Lane

    Has there been any thought to returning DCUC to its roots in the new All Stars line and throwing in a comic book? As a kid who grew up buying Marvel Legends, I can say extras with that sort of value can really help sell the figures, and even additional ones if the stories are team-ups.

  14. Rightman

    By any chance you switch to subscription due to Hasbro Marvel Legends are coming back? The subscription deals didn't push through, why not return to wave set, I think DC still has lots of characters to offer just make it a theme set or theme Box sets of 5 figs. DCUC is still a strong line of toys hope you guy reconsider.

  15. Snarf! Snarf!

    Has anyone considered releasing NA He-Man AND NA Skeletor in a two pack as a "Large Scale Beast/Multi Character" SKU instead of taking two variant spots that could be used on other characters with variants?

  16. Tribsaint

    Why do you hate your customers?

  17. Piratestan

    Why do your figures suck so much?

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