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1.) At NYCC, the Arkham City Catwoman was significantly taller than the Arkham City Batman. Will that be corrected for the production figure? 

What you saw were the intended sculpts. Arkham City Catwoman IS tall in her heels, but she IS slightly shorter than Batman (and for honesty, that’s measuring to the top of the head, not the ears).

2.) Given the fact that Green Lantern got the Green Lantern Classics line in a movie year, it seems like throwing money away to table the Batman Legacy line during 2012. Why are you putting it on hiatus? 

Don’t worry, you will still have plenty to collect! But, understand that fans only can afford so much in a given year, so we need to manage what we put out tightly to not implode the business.

3.) First Appearance Batman’s head seems a bit small for the body. Will the be fixed for the production figure?

The First Appearance Batman shown at NYCC has the cape collar glued too high on the neck, which contributes to the head looking too small.

4.) Robert M. Radcliffe asks: The mini-comic accurate Skeletor head sculpt packaged with Demo-Man is great, but the paint deco is completely different from the source material, with a green skull and big red eyes, instead of a yellow skull with tiny beady eyes.  Is there a chance a source accurate deco version of this head may see release in the future? 

At this point production has already started on this figure but we certainly could look at this suggestion for a repaint down the line!

5.) Damien asks: Vikor is a great figure – I feel one of the most awesome figures in a line of awesome figures. But fans were not demanding a Vikor figure. At all. No one ever asked for one. Yet Mattel made it (and we thank you!). The same could be said for Carnivus and most NA characters. With that in mind; can we get some kind of explanation as to why a figure no one ever asked for has no problem being thrown into the line — but when another character that fans are actually asking for comes up, we’re told there isn’t enough demand (Illumina, for instance). 

Vikor is a concept design based on the most recognizable character in the entire MOTU word – He-Man (same goes for Demo-Man being a concept design for Skeletor, also one of the most popular figures in the line). That was a big reason why we wanted to do these figures. A great way to add new-ness to our main hero and villain in a unique way. It was also, as you stated, a fun way of doing something few were expecting and keep the line fresh and exciting!

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  1. jackstatic

    Pretty good questions, tho I rolled my eyes at yet another Illumina question

    • Snarf! Snarf!

      Blame Toyguru for the excess of Illumina stuff. If he had used the generic "It could be possible but so far she is NOT coming soon" type of answer instead of doing what he did…

    • Thank you, so its not just me. Frankly, I'm getting tired of Illumina. I don't get why everyone has a hard on for her either. I'd rather have Vikor and Demo-Man than her any day. I get its a fan favorite but feel like its merely a few who are just yelling a lot louder than others.

  2. MegaGearMax

    People have been asking for Vikor since July 2009.

  3. Mortimer McMire

    Thanks for the info.


  4. I knew that was just the original sculpt of AC Catwoman…no way the figure was going to be that much bigger than Batman. Not just taller, but that sculpt looked scaled up from the AC Batman figure. Glad to see she's actually not going to be that big.

  5. Snarf! Snarf!

    Where is the answer to Question #5?

  6. Mortimer McMire

    So…is Arkham City Catwoman actually going to be on store shelves next year, or what?

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