Hi-Res ThunderCats Pics

Bandai sent along the full hi-res pics of the new Thundercats figures, which I now share with you, free of watermarks. Enjoy them in good health.


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  1. Andre

    I think we will hear soon:

    "We decide stop making 6' classics figures, but we have plans to give a cheetara for the collectors who have already got the ugly Lyon-o and fat Mumm-ra Classics 6", but now we are releasing a new box of classics Thundercats with 4", the first box will come with Lion-o crying and a fat Panthro!"

    My childehood is almost complete!! I got Castlevania Figures, I got a Ninja Gaiden Figure, I´ve gotten Masters of the Universe Figures! I got Transformers figures! I got Dc Universe figures!

    Why?? Why Bandai for the Thundercats???!!! It´s so sad!!!
    Why Bandai just keep their Ben 10 series??
    I have waited years to get Thundercats figures!!!

    • Mark

      Bandai are doing a brilliant job. I liked the 8" but they listened to all the MOTUC fanboys complaining about the size issues and made 6" to please them.
      The Thundercats licence was offered to both Mattel and Hasbro and both companies passed on it.
      Bandai is a great company.
      A lot of us Thundercats fans are happy to be getting any figures at all.

  2. I'm in lurve with the modern 6" guys, but I wish Ban Dai would release more than a couple at a time. It makes me nervous that they'll drop the line before they even finish the core 'Cats.

    Not that they'd ever make a couple of figures in one scale and then cancel the line or anything.

  3. Jesus Santillan

    U.S.A and CANADA only too?
    saludos desde México.

  4. Ugh, that Lion-O head is just…ugh. I'd love to hear why Bandai chose to go with it. I mean, really, WHO thought that would look good?

  5. Mark

    Personally I hate articulated torsos/ ab-crunch joints.

  6. I think Mumm-Ra looks fine. Frankly I don't see a huge difference between the Bandai and the Icon Heroes. I am not a fan of the face on Lion-O though.

    I'll go ahead and bite on a new 6" Lion-O if only for the fact that he'll be in scale with Mumm-Ra. Scale between ThunderCats and MOTUC was never an issue with me, but I wouldn't want an 8" Lion-O and a 6" Mumm-Ra.

    The modern 6" figures do nothing for me. I'll stick with the 4" figures that I have and call it a day.

  7. MegaGearMax

    What is with Bandai and these unarticulated torsos? First 8" Tygra and now 6" Mumm-Ra.

  8. ferris

    Lion-O looks like he's doing a Domo-kun impression.

    Mumm-Ra looks good, but I just don't know if I can be bothered to switch to 6" at this point. And I don't care about scale, but the 8" classics were way, way better quality than the 6" modern figures they released. I'm glad to hear we might get 8" Cheetara since three figures will look better on the shelf than two, but I'd be happier if they at least rounded out the main team with a Panthro and Thunderkittens.

  9. Andre

    After the great job in Mumm-ra "Icon Heroes" sculpt is very sad see this version from Bandai!! Im my opinion he looks fat, his mucles have no definition, his hands look like an "anime", actually this version complete looks like an modern "Anime".

    The version Mega Scale is incredible too!!!

    I´m desapointed, and probably will not collect these figures!!
    It can be so good, because Motu Classics are releasing lot of figures montly, and to get both series I´ll need other job;

    • Dead Man Walking

      I agree. The Icon Heroes one is the best, and the Mezco one is quite good. The Bandai Mumm-Ra is mediocre.

  10. Mark

    I would have prefered a face sculpt like the original 8", but maybe they will include a second head. Having said that the face snarling sculpt is the way he was drawn in a lot of the 2003 comics….even the Mezco 14" and some other statues had the same expression.
    I don't understand any of the complaints with Mumm-Ra's sculpt, would have been nice for him to havethe sword and cape.
    Either way I like them and I will get them.

  11. Andre

    New Lion-o Classic!!! Ugly!!
    Mun-ra!! Ugly!!

    I spended money with the 8" figures and will not do it again!! Only if they issue Lion-o who deserves it!
    And these figures doesn´t deserves my money!

    Why Bandai release figures with 8" after all collectors asked to avoid do it and now they will make 6" like we asked??

    Matty forever!!

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