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After watching this ad, I realized I must have seen it a hundred times as a kid because the insipid theme song was way too familiar.

Notice how the ad says “For you and your kid” at the end there? A tribute to Pee-Wee’s generation-crossing appeal? Or a warning that any kid given this toy should be supervised at all times lest the doll drive the child into madness?


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  1. Matt

    I have a friend that has a mental handicapped brother that is 31. He receives a new one of these every Christmas because after a year the thing is worn out. I have no clue where they keep getting new ones.

    • Someone–Diamond Select or NECA, maybe?–reproduced the doll a few years back, so maybe they stocked up.

      But still, that's a tad odd. But hey, we all got our thing!

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