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Questions due by 11:59pm ET Friday, December 30.


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  1. Shawn

    With the DKR coming soon, Mattel is presented another opportunity to reissue the Bat Signal accessory that came with the extremely rare European only market comic styled Batman action figure. Like the first edition DCSH black & white Two-Face, this is one of those Holy Grail item for many collectors. It commands a great value on the secondary market due to the rarity of it's appearance. This would be a great incentive to include with future bat related product that appeals to children and collector alike. If for some reason you cannot make this item, please tell us so we can give up hoping for one.

  2. Mario

    When can we expect to see the Voltron subscription's card art or packaged samples?

  3. fengschwing

    Why does the Nekron CnC from DCUC wave 20 no longer have his scythe?

  4. Damien

    WWE Question.

    In a recent Q&A at WrestlingFigs, you had this to say about getting a new Sgt. Slaughter figure out there:
    –"Dusty and Sarge did not sell well so we will not get the chance to redo them."–

    Have you guys considered that Sarge did not sell well because it was not the look that the vast majority of collectors wanted?
    Would Mattel at least be willing to put camo-and-black Sarge in a (if it happens) future Legends poll to see if fans actually do want this figure, rather than just assuming it won't sell because a different, unwanted version of Sarge didn't sell?

  5. Damien

    WWE Question.
    In regards to using the extra-large kneepads on Superstars that don't actually wear that type, you said this in a recent WrestlingFigs Q&A:
    –"The long knee pad is used on most Superstars wearing kick pads in order to prevent there being a gap between the pad and the boot. There are some superstars who wear compression wraps or other wraps under the knee pad anduse the Long knee pad to include that detail."–

    My question is this: Have you considered using a simple paint application for compression wraps and the like instead? I would venture to guess that most collectors (and children, also) would vastly prefer the greater mobility that would accompany a smaller kneepad over a partially-painted leg rather than the huge, thick kneepad that basically obscures most knee movement. In addition to allowing greater playability, this would also actually look far more accurate.

    Please keep in mind that the over-large kneepad is extremely limiting for posing and looks inaccurate on many wrestlers, which is hampering collector enjoyment of otherwise phenomenal figures.

  6. Mortimer McMire

    When are we going to get a WWE Elite Sin Cara action figure?

  7. elvis8batman

    The image of Red Robin released for DCnU wave 2 shows it to be using the larger buck, so is it right to assume that this is the KIngdom Come version and not the smaller, Tim Drake version of the character? Also, does this mean we won't get a Tim Drake version using the Legionaire Teen Buck?

  8. 52pick-up

    Great to see more All Star reveals with series 2! The ‘DCNu’ Flash has detailing on the costume as per his comic representation, will the Superman have similar detailing on the costume and boots or will it be standard buck as per promo image?

  9. He-Dan

    Hi – When can we expect to find out how the 200X powersword will be included in the MOTUC line?

    • You mean in terms of the story? Because obviously we already got the toy with Man-At-Arms.

    • He-Dan

      I was referring to the 200X sword that splits in two, that could have been with Keldor. But the story of the techno sword is a good question too.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      and Storywise we were told that Adam used it while locating the Power Sword halves. He could Harmonize with the Power but no transformation to He-Man!

  10. SaveALemming

    I've seen so many toy sets based on the first Toy Story Toon, Hawaiian Vacation. Will Mattel be doing any sets based on Small Fry? It did introduce a great variety of new smaller toy characters.

    • Definitely asking this question…

    • AJ86

      There was an interview with the director of Small Fry which indicated that he believed that there were to be toys made based on the new toys in Small Fry and that they did design each of the new characters so that they could be easily translated into real toys (although they apparently cheated with the transforming meat – T-Bone?). The inference was that they would be Disney Store exclusives.

  11. Dark Angel

    OK, I have a SERIOUS question, for once:

    The thigh piece for the female buck first seen on Battleground Teela is apparently being reused on two of the Star Sisters. This piece lacks the very important upper thigh POA that is really integral for posing, balancing, and allowing female figures to "ride" the various critters of MOTUC. It is also particularly important, if I may say, when one wants their female figures to stand a bit more demurely than the average action figure). Is the use of this solid thigh piece going to be limited – or better yet, eliminated? Or are we on the road to permanently losing this POA from the female buck?

  12. clark

    Will the upcoming He-man release, that will be available year-round, have the updated ankle joints first seen on Vikor?

  13. Zach

    When will DCUC characters such as Superman and the Flash have an 'open handed' sculpt for such poses as flying and running? Also, when will figures be able to look up?

  14. Mecha-Shiva

    The SDCC exclusive Blazing sword Voltron is awesome and greatly underrated,any chance of making a Vehicle Voltron?

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