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Gargamel asks: Will we see a Movie Masters line for the Tim Burton Batman films in the near future?

There are no plans for now, but it’s a good idea that we’ll consider.

Rich asks: Wow, that Legion 12-pack sold really well! And quickly! I know that you’ve barely planned 2012, and 2013 is a long way off your radar, but if you’re considering another 12-pack, would you help fill out all of our DCUC teams with a “Women of the DC Universe” 12-pack? In one fell swoop, you could give us Elasti-Girl (Doom Patrol); Platinum (Metal Men); Ice and Fire (JLI); Hawkgirl II (Kendra) (JLA/Modern JSA); Vixen (JLA); Huntress (JLA/Birds Of Prey); Phantom Lady (JSA/Freedom Fighters); Mera (JLA/Aquaman); Jade (Infinity Inc/JLA); Batwoman (Batman Inc) & Dr Light II (JLI), for example. Would you consider diversifying many teams at once with this approach? DC’s line of busts have already featured 7 of these characters, so there’s more than enough appeal for Kendra/Mera/Phantom Lady/Vixen/Batwoman/Huntress/Jade in your audience! Thanks!

Yes, it was clear that the fans loved the Legion of Super Heroes pack by how quickly it sold out!  As for another 12-pack, that is unlikely. Although we had a great sell through, it was a HUGE amount of work for one item and it is difficult to allocate that many resources to a small run item going forward.

Many fans have expressed concern that the more foam-like parts on certain figures, such as Snout Spout’s trunk, will rot or decay over time more quickly than the more traditional thicker rubber used for bendy parts would. Did Mattel do any tests to determine this foamlike material’s long-term durability compared to other types of plastic?

All of our figures, no matter what the material, go through extensive internal simulated aging and humidity testing. If product does not pass, we do not ship it.

Heli asks: Some time ago, it was reported that the 200X Skeletor swords would be making an appearance in the MOTUC line, but we haven’t heard anything about them lately. Are they still planned? Can you give us an indication of where they might appear (i.e. packed in with a Skeletor variant, in a weapons pack, etc.) and when?

They are still planned for 2012 but we are not ready to announce how they are coming yet. Stay tuned!

Jukka asks: For Scott and 4Horsemen: Do you have a favourite Filmation-weapon that you would like to see in MOTUC-line?

From Toyguru:

“I’d love to do the Diamond Ray of Disappearance. It was the very first magical object and I think it would be a blast to do that in Classics one day!. The Golden Discs of Knowledge would also be fun!”
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  1. Hey! My question got asked! And I got a "stay tuned!" Great!


    I want them to make the Golden Disks of Knowledge from Beast Wars instead.

  2. dayraven

    well, so far, we've mentioned the swamp thing "skin" and the white dusty slough, and i'll add to the mix the extremely not-moisture proof adhesive on moss man… any other examples of mattel's in-house testing being worth exactly dick? maybe they should voluntarily STOP doing in-house testing, and get an independent testing facility to do the work? you know, like the other toy companies are required to do.

  3. Newton Gimmick

    I find it hard to believe that Mattel's products go through any sort of "humidity" tests. The white funk that is all over every JLU figure I own, many DCUC and various other products, seems to indicate otherwise.

  4. Thrawn

    That was a good answer regarding the longevity of the foam parts on certain figures. Of course the next question is whether Mattel is to be believed. Haven't I seen fans post that their Swamp Things (I believe it was him) have begun to rot?

  5. Well played, sir. Well played.

  6. Tribsaint

    or Mattel even

  7. Tribsaint

    Wow answers……..what have you done with Mattle ?

  8. Rich

    Thanks for asking my question! I’m sad that the answer was “that’s too much work”. Really, really sad. But, I guess it’s better to know.

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