DC Direct’s Arkham City Series 1: Contest Winner & FOTD Sale

And the winner of the contest is:  lococaca! He wins a set of Arkham City Series 1, courtesy of FigureoftheDay.com!

The figures are now sold out (again!) on FOTD, but you can still get a set on BigBadToyStore right here.

And now, here are just a few of my favorite entries for the contest.

Arsenal wanted something I want myself: “*Time to play SWTOR and Skyrim.” Only Skyrim in my case, but I still don’t have the time.

Greg Easton apparently needs “a white Tron Identity Disc. Not for me but for a friend.” There’s gotta be a story there.

Jack Static was in a caroling mood:

Dear Santa,
All I want for christmas this year is:
12″ Ghostbusters busting
11 Doctor figures sonic screwing
10th Anniversary Halo a celebrating
9 toybiz black riders a ridin
8″ thunder cats a hooooo’in (cause the 6 inch change is silly)
7th Mario Kart a racing
6 player game of risk globally a dominating
5 golden one rings for each finger
4 ninja turtles
3 slaughters maurauders
2 laser guns
And a demo man to be delivered before the new year

I’m not sure I’ll be able to get my mind’s variously awful interpretations of “11 Doctor figures sonic screwing” out of my head. Or ThunderCats “a-ho’in,” for that matter.

Thenoirguy really doesn’t like reboots or sequels:

Dear Santa,
For Christmas, please stop the following reboots, remakes and sequels from being made:
-Cowboy Bebop
-(Any other boardgames in the works)
-The Crow
-Transformer 4
-Evil Dead
-The Howling
-BOTH SNow Whites
-Total Recall
-Wolverine Origins
-Stretch Armstrong
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Clash of the Titans 2
-Indiana Jones 5
-Judge Dredd

Agreed on most of those, except Godzilla. I want new Godzilla.

SKleefeld knows exactly what he wants:

I would like an action figure line consisting of all my favorite intellectual properties in a consistent scale with at least 36 points of articulation each. The line should include, but not be limited to: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, One Piece, Firefly/Serenity, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Muppets, Lone Wolf & Cub, Akira, Alice in Wonderland, Judge Dredd, Saiyūki and Battle of the Planets. Generic figures (policemen, firemen, ninjas, pirates, etc.) would be great, too, but vehicles and playsets would be awesome, if you can manage it. I’d prefer a 6-7″ scale, but given the volume of toys that could entail, I’d be content with something around 4″ as well.

Art Lee had an odd, and oddly specific, request:

Please give me a battle-damaged Ewok with crying baby Ewok on a Vintage Orginial Trilogy cardback. That was my favorite scene in the Star Wars movies that involved Ewoks.

That’s a little creepy, Art.

Gary had words for the “Anti-Santa of the Mirror Universe,”

Please take away my predilection for making purchases of plastic I grow to regret,
And the NBC executives that want to can “Community”,
And the Transformers film franchise from Michael Bay,
And last, and most importantly, the Star Wars franchise and my childhood away from George Lucas.

Mr. G sounds a bit bitter (with good reason):

This Christmas, I would only want one of two things: either have Shocker Toys release their Series 2 and 3 by 2012 for the benefit of all, or have them return my pre-order fee. I know the second is somewhat selfish, but I’m already down 100 bucks with them and I don’t think it’s fair.

It’s not.


Pic of the Day > Outer Space Men Action Figure Inferno – Infinity Edition body, Holiday Edition head by Adam16bit


Pic of the Day > Santa & Herme (2) Crop by Dysonstarr


  1. A 'he" won this contest? You mean no gals collect action figures?!

  2. I absolutely HATE (name of winner)!

  3. Barbecue17

    I ordered these from Thwipster last week, but this is even a better deal. They are really nice figures. Harley Quinn is fantastic. Good articulation. I never realized from the pictures, but the Batman/ Bruce Wayne is actually "infected." You can see the disease he is infected with ravaging the left half of his face. Plus, he comes with the scanner he uses in the game that actually opens and closes.

    Robin is nice, but I think I may prefer the Mattel Robin a bit more due to the dyanmic articulation. I prefer the Mattel head sculpt a little more, also, although there is no excuse for him to have not come with a staff (the DCD Robin includes one.)

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