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  • The big news this week was the reveal of DC All Star Series 2–showing up on Comic Book Resources, interestingly. (Click here to go straight to the pics.) The series includes New 52 Superman and Flash, dark Supergirl from the Superman/Batman storyline, and, at long last, the Red Robin I’ve been waiting for since 2009. There’s been some discussion on Twitter as to “which” Red Robin it is (Dick Grayson from Kingdom Come, Jason Todd from 52, or Tim Drake from the recent eponymous series); personally I don’t think it matters. It’s just Red Robin. And awesome.
  • DMG and I saw The Muppets this weekend. I enjoyed it; I think it was very respectful of the original characters without being too mired in nostalgia, and it had both funny and touching moments. But there were a lot of missed opportunities in the story, and I think it focused too much on the cypher Walter without a real payoff for it. It seemed like the Muppets weren’t the stars of the movie. But hopefully this film was just setting the stage for the next one.


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Any questions for Mattel?


  1. Braystreet

    It was Christmas time here recently at the end of the hall, and I don't know about you folks, but I find that people like to dredge up any old thing and try to hoist as a Christmas movie. There's this one, where Tony Stark's short black friend, not the castrato from the first movie, the one with the egg-shaped head, is a guardian angel to Nicholas Cage. Ghost Rider doesn't want to be a greedy business man, he wants to be a heartless and broken down father of children, and James Rhodey helps him with this.

    But there's one moment in the film that everyone knows, because it's been in every movie ever made about this scenario. He gets his new life and he's confused, while the film begins to play…"Once In A Lifetime" by the Talking Heads.

    If you have ever enjoyed this scene, it is because of, not the immense talent of David Byrne, but the Muppets.

  2. nerdbot

    This second DCAS wave is the kind of line-up I was expecting when the change was announced (more than the the first wave, which is still puzzling to me), and also as I expected, I'm not very interested. I'm glad we're finally getting a Red Robin, but the rest of the wave doesn't appeal to me. And even when it comes to Red Robin, I have some minor reservations — I'm in the camp that thinks the figure looks too big (I really want a Tim Drake). (Scale issues!?! In a DCUC-like line!?! Who'd a thunk it?) But still- it's Red Robin. The figure looks great on its own. I'm psyched he's in the works.

    My two cents about the Muppets… My love for them has nothing to with nostalgia. The Muppets are brilliant, and timeless, and just plain awesome.

  3. Barbecue17

    BTW, on the big pile of accessories at the top, I recognize one of the weapons from Skeleton Warriors (it came with the guy who was half human/ half skeleton,right?), the triple chainsaw from one of the Corps figures, and the brain from Space Cadet Stimpy. The crossbow looks familiar, but I can't quite place it.

  4. Barbecue17

    I'm going to be waiting for DC Direct's Justice League figures to pick up my core JLA: The new suits for JLA are so detailed that they absolutely warrant DC Direct's attention to detail and unique sculpts, not Mattel's usage of the same buck. I definitely am excited about that Red Robin, though. Looks really good.

  5. Reverend Ender

    It's sad that they are foisting that same Supergirl head sculpt on us again. It's just terrible. Superman's head sculpt also looks a bit off to me, but overall I like the figure, and would be ok to do my own head swap.

  6. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    That new Flash looks like the old Live Action TV Flash… MIGHT buy him IF I feel like it… but that's a Gigantic IF

  7. Tribsaint

    I don’t understand the Muppet love….I grew up seemingly at the same time as Poe and most my collecting compatriots and while I enjoyed the Muppet show, thought the movies were ok. But, somehow I don’t have this overwhelming nostalgia that many people have. I’m a much bigger fan on Sesame Street, and Follow that Bird. I was a HUGH Muppet babies fan. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Muppets, or even avoid watching them I just don’t get Muppet super fans. I like Jason Segal though and wish him success.

    • I'm a huge Muppet Babies fan too. I'd kill to get that series on DVD, though apparently it'll be forever tied up in legal issues over all the clips from various movies that were used on the show. But I love the regular Muppets as well (mostly from the early movies).

      On a side note, I think Muppets from Space is underrated.

    • I managed to nab the Star Wars Muppet Babies episode on VHS a few years ago. It's still the only episode my daughter has ever seen, although she no longer remembers it 'cause it's been in storage for a few years.

  8. fengschwing

    I'm sold on pretty much all of the 2nd wave of DCAS, not sure about the Flash though.

  9. Swap out the boots on the new Barry Allen Flash with the old one and you'll pretty much have Wally West. The Superman costume doesn't do it for me either. The high collar doesn't look right. Sort of gives him an Ultraman look and that's not the right direction for the character.

  10. Zach

    I don't care for the new Superman costume and don't need another Barry Allen Flash. Red Robin is a must have, tho. At least they're making it good on my wallet ;^)

  11. Ben

    I could barely keep a dry eye in "The Muppets," though you are spot on with Walter. The whole whistling act really did not pay off. Then again, I really wasn't watching the movie for him anyway.

    • Exactly…that's what bugged me. He wasn't a very compelling character and the whistling wasn't really foreshadowed or meaningful.

      On the other hand, he's almost worth it just for the "Man or Muppet" sequence.

  12. Man, "Muppets" in your headline sure got my attention. Oh well, unless Palisades returns, a new series of Muppets toys wold surely just be a disappointment anyway.

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