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Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I have been living in Salem since August and visiting the Liberty Tree Mall fairly frequently since our arrival. However, we usually only visited the large storefronts like Target and Kohl’s, and scarcely realized there was an entire indoor mall behind them. We finally went in yesterday and, in the course of my wanderings, I came across a store called “Little Shop of Treasures.”

“Treasures” is stretching it, of course. The place is a junk shop with a rather high ratio of toys. There’s the usual assortment of crappy stuff: Hasbro’s goofy G.I. Joe figures from the early ’90s, figures from the Flintstones movie and Warriors of Virtue, Biblical action figures, orange-carded Star Wars figures, and so forth. But I managed to hunt up the strangest, lamest thing in there and was promptly overcharged three bucks for it. (The owners seemed nice enough, though.)

I want to believe...this thing sucks.

It was called the “Nordic Alien,” and upon reading the “collectible trading card” on the back–which told me these aliens were often referred to as “blondes” or “talls”–I initially thought it was some sort of gag toy–like “blondes are so dumb/hot it’s like they’re from another planet” or something. But no, apparently Nordic Aliens are a real thing–well, as “real” as any other UFO conspiracy theory. Seems kind of racist, doesn’t it? Even the aliens gotta be white, apparently.

A little ‘net research reveals there was a whole line of these “figures” (and even a few actually-kind-of-neat spaceships). They were made in 1996, so the toys were clearly meant to cash in on the whole paranormal/aliens craze inspired by The X-Files. Why Shadowbox Collectibles ever thought someone would want a figure of an alien that’s basically a Norwegian chick in a jumpsuit is one question; how they got away with producing something so cheap and ugly is another one entirely.

The word "uggo" gets tossed around a lot these days...

Seriously, this thing looks like someone took a 3cm gaming miniature painted by a four-year-old and blew it up to five inches. It feels like it’s made of resin, i.e., very cheap. There’s no articulation and it can’t even stand up on its own, hence the stand.

The X-Files mania of the 1990s was responsible for a few cool toys, such as the Roswell Alien from Street Players. But this…thing is a wonderfully dreadful example of the other side of that phen0menon.

As I mentioned, the thing came with a “collectible trading card” (which I wanted to scan, but our scanner is on the fritz). Collectible trading cards for things other than sports were all the rage in the 1990s–I remember I had a lot of Marvel Comics cards–but I pity the poor child who actively sought the Alien Series cards. Collectible? I suppose. But trading? I guarantee you there was never a single situation in which one kid traded one Alien Series card for another. Never.

The question is, what do I do with this thing now? No force on Earth could get me to display it–to validate its existence and create any sort of association with me. I might be able to use it to prop up a chair leg, I guess.


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  1. Wyvern Quill

    8 Years late

    It's a "Nordic" type Alien from Venus as sketched by George Adamki after his encounter and UFO sightings in the 50's. All the figures in the series were a specific Alien, UFO or creature from Fortean folklore

  2. Jay

    I'm gonna have to check out that shop next time I'm in Danvers.

  3. Americanhyena

    Actually, the ships do look pretty neat and some of the more conventional aliens aren’t terrible either.

  4. Barbecue17

    "a figure of an alien that’s basically a Norwegian chick in a jumpsuit"

    The real question is: Who <wouldn't> want a figure of an alien that is disguised as a Norwegian chick in a jumpsuit? Maybe not this figure of an alien disguised as a Norwegian chick in a jumpsuit, but surely somewhere, some company could make one that would have nerds rejoicing!

  5. You can re-sell this at Comicazi for a store credit!

  6. fengschwing

    I liked this, it reminds me of the bizarre stuff that they review over at Infinite Hollywood, it's good to see weird stuff from time to time!

  7. Dead Man Walking

    Not to sound like an asshole, but don't you have a ton of "real" figures to review? I know we don't always see eye to eye on what makes a good action figure, but I am interested to read your takes on them.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      If we had a Like Button I would have clicked the hell out of it… This thing didn't even get a 100th of a raven!?

    • Haha…I added a half-raven, which is the lowest rating the system allows for.

    • Dude, it has to get tiresome reviewing every goddamn MOTUC figure that comes down the trail.

      This was something different, and fugly enough to provoke a short, harmless review that was probably uniquely fun and easy to write.

      Don't be that guy who bitches when Hasbro gives us a Matt Trakker figure. Who cares if he's not a part of G.I. Joe, he's cool!

      And so is this review.

    • Dude, it has to get tiresome reviewing every goddamn MOTUC figure that comes down the trail.

      Yeah, that's basically the long and short of it at this point. Though I am working on a Wind Raider review.

  8. I had this, and I've been waiting fifteen years for someone to review this figure!

    Not really.

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