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[ Contest ends 11:59pm ET Sunday, January 22.]

While I like the new Odds ‘n Ends pic for 2012, I think it would help to have some more variety.

So here’s the deal: I’m taking submissions for new Odds ‘n Ends pics. One runner-up will receive a Sword of Ages variant, and one grand prize winner will receive both a Sword and a complete set of Batman: Incorporated, courtesy of Figure of the Day!


The pics should either be taken on a bright white background, or edited to look like they’re on a white background–I prefer that seamless look for the Odds ‘n Ends pics. Photos will be judged based on image quality and variety and placement of the chosen odds and ends (which, obviously, should all be toy-related). Email the pics to

Enter as many times as you like. This is open to all U.S. residents, including friends and PGPoA Power Pals. Contest ends 11:59pm ET Sunday, January 22.

All pics will become the property of PGPoA and may be used for future Odds ‘n Ends. Yes, I’m greedy. Good luck!


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  1. I plan to enter later in the week.

  2. Tribsaint

    Can I send you a bunch of pics in one or two emails, or do you want one pre pic?


      I’d like to know also. Is 5 too many in one email?

    • I think the only limitation is megabytes…I think Gmail can only handle 10 Mb per email. Aside from that, send as many as you want!

  3. Mario

    What about Montreal, Quebec, Canada? I'm like 7 hours away from you.

    • It was FOTD's request that it be U.S. residents only. They mail the prize out directly–they don't send it to me.

  4. Fengschwing

    Curse that ocean!

  5. Cool idea for a contest! I'll definitely enter. 🙂

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