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One of the runner-ups to the Odds ‘n Ends contest emailed me to point out I said I’d mail a Sword of Ages to the runner-up. I completely, totally forgot about that, and I apologize. I’ve contacted the runners-up for their addresses and will mail them their swords ASAP.

Also, there’s the Identify the Toy contest. I received one–ONE–entry, which makes me very sad. Fortunately the sender, Josh Flood, got it exactly right:

Ok, so I saw that foot and immediately remembered the toy as a kid. I’m 90% sure that it is the Robotech Zentraedi Powered Armor Botoru through Matchbox. It was released a few times in the 80’s and 90’s. I think the first time was 1986, then again through exo squad by playmates in 1994 or 1995.

So, I’m making three changes for the next round.

1.) At the suggestion of a Twitter follower I’m still trying to find, I’m renaming it “Figure It Out.”

2.) You now only need to name the toy, not the line, manufacturer and so forth. If multiple people get it right, I will pick a winner at random from the correct guesses.

3.) I will also send a Poe Prize to the most funny, creative, or otherwise interesting guess I receive. If you have no idea what the toy is, just go wild and make something up. Perhaps a long-winded description of the imaginary toy it belongs to, complete with a company history. Or a haiku about how you have no idea what it is.


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  1. Mecha-Shiva

    I knew it was a robot!I even googled for "orange foot robot",lol.

  2. Zach S.

    I think it was just too difficult…maybe some easier ones would get a better response?

  3. BeeARRR

    Even after having nearly every Robotech toy released from the 80s-2005, I still missed this one big time. Even for a collector of almost 20 years, this was really hard.

  4. Fakeeyes22

    Yeah, I really wanted to enter and tried my best to figure it out. Turns out, I would have found it challenging even with the entire toy shown! I was pretty familiar with most Robotech growing up and knew of the Exosquad stuff later on, but that guy there must have abandoned my memory ship.

    Congratulations to the winner, who went above and beyond. I learned something today!


    Congrats to my bud Josh on pinpointing the figure that belonged to the foot in the pic. The fact that he threw in the tidbit about Exo-Squad made me laugh because I know he’s a fan of that line.

    And Poe, when did this mysterious person on Twitter suggest the new name? I suggested it in the Odds n’ Ends contest comments.

  6. Enigma_2099

    He guessed it… FROM A PIC OF THE CORNER OF A FOOT?!?!?

    Are you really THAT surprised we couldn't figure it out? Look at what we had to work with!!!

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