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I’ve been wracking my brain trying to identify an old toy I had. For most of my life I only had one part of it. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what I want to show you–I can only describe it.

I seem to recall that this toy that was similar to Voltron in that it was a robot made from a number of vehicles put together, but I don’t believe it was Voltron or Dairugger (vehicle Voltron). It may have been some sort of Voltron-like ripoff, but I don’t think it was a bootleg. I’m fairly sure I got it at Child World in Hanover, MA, so it would have been some sort of mass market thing.

The only part of it I can distinctly remember was a small blue plane-like vehicle. It was about 2 ½” in wingspan and dark blue with a slight silvery sheen. It actually looked somewhat like the Wind Raider, in that it had two turbines on either side of the front and a cockpit in the center of the craft, rather than the front. There were two exhaust-whatchamacallits in the back.

It was molded entirely in blue, and the only moving parts were the cockpit and missiles. It may not even have had the cockpit canopy, but I’m pretty sure it did. The canopy may not have been hinged–it may have just snapped on–but if it did have a canopy, it was clear.

Here’s my incredibly lame drawing of it:

In between the turbines on the front were holes for spring-loaded missiles, and I think the seat/cockpit may have had a opening translucent canopy, though I lost both the missiles and the canopy very early on. The only part of this robot that survived in my toybox–for years–was that little plane. I think the plane went on the robot’s chest, or maybe its back.

I’m fairly certain this was some sort of imported anime-type toy (like Matchbox’s Voltron stuff), but again, I’m fairly certain it was a mass market item, not a direct Japanese import.

 UPDATE: The toy has been identified! It was from the Diaclone Dia-Attacker:


Review > Wind Raider (Masters of the Universe Classics)


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  1. Barbecue17

    Poe, was it designed to hold a small figure of some kind?

  2. Ben

    Attackbot or Diattacker? That little blue-ish/purple-ish ship on top of this pic looks like a pretty close fit, especially with the location of the missiles and turbines.

  3. Barbecue17

    This should be a new weekly feature. Poe draws a random toy he remembers from his childhood and we go mad trying to identify it.

    • Newton Gimmick

      I did that as a feature on Infinite Hollywood. Unfortunately, as with the case here, it doesn't take nerds long to figure out the answers, lol.

    • Still, I'm impressed. Y'all had barely anything to work with aside from my vague description and a poorly-drawn pic.

  4. It could be a microman ship if the color was a vibrant blue. it would be from Takara they had made a few off things like that. the drawing does nothing to help lol

    • All I can tell you is that if/when we find this thing, you'll look at that drawing and say, yeah, that does look like it 🙂

  5. Ben

    Was it this Diaclone Twin Combat thingee? The blue ship certainly looks like Wind Raider with the wings extended.

  6. Barbecue17

    That little Battle Dashers jet looks quite a bit like your drawing, although so many things might, I imagine.

  7. Barbecue17

    When do you think you purchased this, Poe? The description reminds me slightly of the comic styled Mars Attacks Flying Saucer from Trendmasters, but that would have been 1996. The drawing made me think of the little blue Computer Warriors ship that hid in a Pepsi can, but it dropped bombs. It didn't fire missiles. hmmm…

    How about Air Raiders?

    Maybe the plane listed under battle dashers (2nd image down)

    • No, this was definitely the early '80s–Mars Attacks was much later. Pretty sure it's not Computer Warriors either.

      And it's definitely not that Battle Dashers jet, I'm afraid. I remember exactly what this toy looks like, and that's not it.

  8. Nope, none of these have it…though when I started to look through the Diaclone Converters I thought I might see it…one thing to keep in mind is the plane is molded entirely in blue.

  9. Ben

    Could it have possibly been the Kronoform Multiforce?

  10. megofan

    looks like it might have been one of the mattel shogun warriors diecast vehicles…

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