Mass Effect 2 Figures Under New Management

After nearly a year in limbo, the second series of Mass Effect 2 figures is now available for preorder. The manufacturer–or perhaps just distributor?–is a company called “Big Fish Toys” (who have a rather spare Web presence at the moment). These seem to be the exact same figures as those DC Unlimited had planned for series two, but Bioware famously swore never to work with DC Unlimited again. So who’s Big Fish Toys, exactly? I’d love to know the story behind this.

Oh, and Big Fish will be reissuing the first series of figures, too. I’ll be curious to see whether the quality is higher than DCU’s attempts–see the Shepard, Grunt reviews at OAFE.)

Anyway…it’ll be hard to resist a Legion and a Garrus, but I want to see the quality and articulation on them first.


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  1. Tunde

    Very disappointed with the series 1-2. All my ME2 action figure has some major default. The most sad part is they got the opportunity to make something great, all mass effect fan would be proud of, they made a very basic low quality figure.

  2. Nik

    Liara or GTFO.

    I assume them to be the same quality of the first set. I assume they bought got the molds and are using the same factories. Future figures may be different. I saw that Shepard (who I was totally psyched about and went to the comic shop just to get) and immediately decided against it.

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