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  • Darth Skeletor, Overlord of the Sith.
  • I meant to post on this a while back, but some pics surfaced of JAKKS’s Men in Black 3 toys. Looks like JAKKS is giving them the 4″ POTC-style treatment–not sure if there will be 6″ figs. I guess there are spoilers here if you’re trying to avoid them. MIB2 was pretty bad, so I don’t really have high hopes for this one. The original film is one of my all-time faves, though, so I’ll be happy if it doesn’t suck…
  • I managed to submit my entry for the Create-A-Character contest just under the wire (i.e., yesterday, because it had to be postmarked by December 31). I’ll reveal it once it’s allowed, which I guess is after the announce the winners.
  • It appears there’s a very common error on the Masters of the Universe Classics Swift Wind. WARNING: This is an error you might never notice. I’ve colored the text in white so that you can remain in blissful ignorance if you desire. If not, highlight the following text. Please don’t mention it specifically in the comments. The front forelegs (bottom part of the legs, above the hooves) are often two left or two right legs. You can tell by checking to see if the veins are in the same place. I checked and my Swift Wind has this error. If you read through that thread, you’ll find some advice on what to do if you want a replacement, though I think this is probably the best shot. I thought it over and decided this was one of those errors that I might never have noticed, and between that, my general lack of interest in the character, and the effort required to get a replacement, it just isn’t something I want to bother with. I get the fans who say everyone should pursue this to teach Mattel a lesson, but I’m just too lazy in this case. I will admit I’ve occasionally wished I could cancel my 2012 sub, though.
  • The 6″ classic ThunderCats have started hitting stores–I saw them at Target a couple days ago. Overall I’d say the 8″ line is better in terms of design and sculpting, but the 6″ scale is a bit more appealing.


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  1. Mecha-Shiva

    Thanks for the heads up and got lion-o and mumm-ra,I hope they don't have screws on their backs…

    • Monkey boy

      They sure do!!!

    • Mecha-Shiva

      Yah,got em both,the screws are a bit unsettling this day and age but they are good toys.

  2. Monkey boy

    The 6″ thundercats aren’t shiny which in my opinion makes a huge difference.

  3. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    The error apparently depleted most of Swifty's CS stock or so I heard. Heck! This is the first tiem they're asking that people return their defective swiftys…

    Lion-O's "Arrgh! I just crapped my tights!" face is the only downer for me.

  4. misterbigbo

    Having customized a few stormtroopers buckets as Patriots helmets, I have to say that Skelly lid is AMAZING, and it makes me want to do more. Tell you what, though, even the cheapest Vader kits are big bucks, so it’s a darn pricey hobby.

    I can’t wait to see the 6″ Lion-O in stores, because I can’t believe the sculpt is anything other than a shrunken 8″ Classic. Except for the Aaarrgghh!!! Face Lion-O variant…

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